Speedo Calibration?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ian Bungy, May 12, 2010.

  1. Ok Guys,
    Both Myself and Kiwi John have D-Trackers. Now We are fitting KLX Wheels for Off Road. The Question is With the 21 inch Front Wheel fitted the D-Tracker Speedo reads 8 kmh Slower than Normal? Kawasaki Claim to have the Same part Numbers for both KLX & D-Tracker for the the Speedo and the Electronic Drive Unit fitted to the Wheel??? One of these is obviously Not the Same on Both Bikes so how do I find out which? The Speedos have Different Back Light colours so I am Guessing it is this that is different as the Magnetic Drive looks identical? Any Theories out there Gentleman??? Thanks.
  2. Most likely theory is that the meter unit is different and the sensor in the front wheel is the same. The Kawa maintenance manual says following:
    - KLX: 60km/h = 60Hz input from the speed sensor to the meter block
    - D-tracker 60km/h = 71.3Hz input from the speed sensor to the meter block

    So it must be the meter block that is different. Tried to find from the same manual a way to switch the meter block settings between the two models, but could not find anything. Maybe the two units are totally different parts or there is some secret way to push the reset+mode button to make the meter think it is in KLX instead of D-tracker and vice versa.
  3. Thanks for Your input. I will try to find out and hopefully Solve the Problem? Will post if I do!
  4. like maha says the different instrument panels give different speed readings(from the sensor)
    I just had a look at (half a) circuit board on one and could see nothing that looked adjustable
    except one diagram which showed 2 3x5 connections
    on one maybe the 1st row, 1st space was blank, on the 2nd the 4th and 5th was blank iirc
    could not see what it referred to though
  5. Just had another look at the service manual and noticed the ECU for KLX and D-tracker has a different part number. That might the component controlling what the display shows?!

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