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Discussion in 'Technical' started by David Race, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Has any one got any feed back on Pirrelli Rosso 2 tyres not any other Rosso just the Newer Rosso 2.
    I want to know how many ks you got out of them?
    How was the feel ?
    Would you buy them again ?

    2. Any other feed back on Michelin Sports TYRES the Pilot Power or the Pilot Power 2CT.

    How many ks ?
    What did you think ?
    Would you buy them again ?

    Our roads in Thailand are so different to Europe or the USA so some feed back for this country on Good Road bike sports Tyres is of great importance to many of us.

    This Blog is for sports bike tyres only and if you use any other Tyre on your sports bike and are happy with it feel free to give us the run down. :happy4:
  2. Had Rosso II's on my GSXR, they were great for road, not so great for track where I found the traction lacking, specifically the rear had a tendency to break loose accelerating out of corners. Pirelli Superbike stuck so much better, but of course is not road legal.
  3. Thanks Tony.
    One of the reasons I ask is I read reviews from US mags and they rate this Tyre well for the road not the track and you have confirmed good on road here as here is so much different to US roads.
    I don't get much life out of my sports touring tyres here about 10 thou they are shot so I thought I may run sports tyres through the cooler months and this one is high on my list as I may get close to the same ks with them and sports tyres give so much more confidence especially through all the twistys up here in the great North Of Thailand.
    Any other suggestions from any sport orientated riders.
  4. Had them fitted prior to a 2,000km trip.
    I'm very impressed with them, confidence inspiring at big lean angles. Superb grip on edge of the tyre.
    I like the profile, allows the bike to drop into turns faster.

    It's my best road/sporting tyre to date. (grip wise) Wear & tear can't tell as I've only got approx 3,000km on this set.

    If there is a but, then it's a small one. They need to be warmed up well for enthusiastic riding.
  5. I have the Michelin Power Pilot 2 on my Honda CBR1100XX and so far I have been pleased with the grip in both wet and dry conditions on the road during moderately aggressive riding. I try not to get too aggressive on the street because you just never know what's around the next corner. Since it is fairly new I cannot tell you how long it will last but I have had good luck with Michelin's lasting a long time before so I have my fingers crossed.

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