Stainless steel braided brake hoses

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  1. I got a recommendation for an online company, who distributes for Galfer & the site was so easy to navigate around & choose colors for lines/banjos/bolts etc for my model & year klx250sf. With a easy secure paypal link with option for different shipping address & competitive price, I had to use them (solomotoparts)USA. Will update this post with how long or short they take to deliver to Thailand!!

    8 days to deliver to Thailand from the smile.gif

    Everything I ordered was correct & hoses fitted perfectly. Galfer is a high quality product & half the price of ordering from Japan!

    I ordered clear plastic coating (they have many colors to choose from) on the steel hoses with red banjos & red nuts.





    Hope this helps anyone interested in braided steel upgrade hoses that look gooood ;)
  2. Hi Joelthailand.
    Do You have a link to their Website? I might get some? They look great! Thanks.
  3. had a 'buy front & get rear free' promotion on these during November but still worth trying them as, if you agree to have them taken out of the original packaging, shipping is only $13 to Thailand! He is also happy to tick the 'gift' box and a lower value declared too. If you have any questions email Tim directly at [email protected]

    Site here and they have pretty much anything you'll ever need.
  4. Hi Ian,

    Great company to deal with, quick email response with fast recorded UPS delivery.

  5. Hi skybluestu,

    Thx, nice website I will bookmark these guys for the future. Some good deals on there.
  6. Here's a little top tip for spongy brakes.

    This will work for just normal spongy brakes or after fitting new brake lines. Loosen off the reservoir cover so there is a small gap for air to escape, then pull back the brake lever as hard as you can & tie off with something (I used a cable tie). Leave over night, In the morning release the lever then tighten reservoir cover (after checking fluid level) & give the lever a couple of pumps.....hey pesto a super firm brake lever!!! It worked very well for me.
  7. Last picture about these hoses. I was pm'd by a member about why my hoses don't have the mid section protective pvc section, like they are shown on the website. Well, I cut them off is the short answer! In hindsight I would have asked the company to take the plastic sheath off the hoses before assembling with the banjos as it took about 30mins per hose to remove. BTW the clear coating on the steel is still intact & perfect after removing the guard plastic. If I was a hardcore offroad rider then it would be better to not cut the heavy duty pvc protectors off.

  8. UPS or USPS? In my experience the private couriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL generally charge max duty plus other usurious fees here in Thailand. USPS goes through the Thailand Post and if you're lucky comes through duty free, or with max 30% tax.
  9. Hi tony,

    Sorry m8, I really can't remember if UPS or USPS. I have thrown the box out now! I paid 490thb in tax at the post office for a $100's worth of hoses.
  10. If you received the package at the post office it was sent via USPS.
  11. I'm not sure if I follow you there - a small gap for air to escape?

    Generally I wouldn't recommend leaving the system open since the fluid will go bad if there is any contact with air. That's why you should never use fluid from an open container and discard the fluid you didn't use.
  12. A reservoir cap left open a crack overnight won't allow significant contamination of the brake fluid, and this technique does work amazingly well.
  13. Leaving the cap off has nothing to do with it.
    What you seeing is the phenomenon that very small air bubbles have a unusually high affinity to bond to the wall of a tube and take considerable pressure to move along. Leaving the system pressurized overnight shifts these bubbles along and results in a properly bled system. If my addled brain recalls correctly it is the Janin effect.
    In any case it is an old trick well worth using on a bike
  14. Hope this helps explain KZ25.

    "1 Tying the lever back overnight
    One way to rid any last remaining air from the system is to tie back the lever over night. Firstly remove the master cylinder reservoir cover BUT then balance it back on top of where it should be fitted so that moisture in the air does not contaminate the system overnight. Then pull the lever in as hard as possible and cable tie it in the ON position (brake lever pulled right back to the bars). Leave this overnight and in the morning release the lever and your brakes should feel fantastic - basically the back pressure caused by tying the lever back overnight will have forced any last remaining air out of the system out to the atmousphere and leave you with sharp brakes the next day. Replace the reservoir cap correctly and you are ready to ride."

    The above is pasted from HEL Performance Brake Doctor webpage. This is worded a bit better than my version! This easy technique worked really well for me & my brakes are now firmer than Mike Tyson's handshake ;)

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