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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Maha, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Got myself a Stallions CT400 last Friday and basically very happy with it. Simple, easy to drive and power is just what you would expect from the engine. Seems like a great bike for what I got it for.

    Only odd thing I noticed so far is a “sticky” throttle. When driving and changing gears, the engine keeps the rpm up while you turn of the gas to switch gears. It will last maybe a second or less, but it is noticeable when changing gears or when just turning off the gas to use engine brake. The first second or less the engine still pulls before the throttle is really turned off and you get normal engine brake. Mechanically the throttle is releasing normally both in the handle bar and in the EFI body, so I’m guessing it has something to do with the EFI controller that maybe still providing fuel to the engine. Also the check-the-engine red warning light in the dashboard is very slightly illuminated during normal use. Not bright as when you turn the ignition on and not yet start the engine, just a small glow that one can only see in dark. Didn’t have time to ask the dealer yet about this as I’m travelling now, but will ask.

    Meanwhile, did anyone else experience the same sticky throttle issue and have any fix for it?
  2. Take it back to the Dealer and get them to Check it on the Computer? My Triumph did that after the Last Service! I took it straight back to the Shop and they got onto it and fixed it in 10 minutes what ever it was?
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    Thanks for the comment. Took it back to the dealer I bought it from. Unfortunately it seems the Stallions dealers are not really equiped with any sort of computer analysis tools for the bike. They check few (mechanical) things and blamed bad gasoline. But I'm pretty sure it's not the gasoline as it is always happening and latest I noticed that when the engine gets really hot, the problem disappears. Really hot means slow city traffic. Even at highway it's cool enough for the problem to happen. Maybe something to do with the EFI engine temperature setting or the engine temperature sensor?

    It's an inconvinience, but will keep on driving and see how it is and someone will figure out solution.
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    Just to update the latest, I took the bike for an oil change in the same dealer I bought it. After changing the oil, they immediately started to work with the throttle body (without me asking them to do anything other than the oil change), took it out and opened it. After about 10min work (no idea what they did, mechanical work probably, possibly looking for an air leakage) they put it back and like magic, the sticky throttle problem was gone. Probably some instructions from the manufacturer or they learned by themselves??

    So if anyone has the same issue, there seems to be a cure.

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