Steibel horn on a Versys

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  1. A good loud horn is a necessity here and the stock Versys model just does not get the attention that one needs at times.
    The ugly boil on the side on my Versys was binned on the first day of ownership, so a perfect place to mount a Stiebel "compact truck horn." I made a simple aluminium bracket to mount if from the single hole on the horn, and wired it in using a relay and big fat wires for max volume

    This model is a fairly loud 116 dB and has a deep note just like a big truck air horn which really wakes up the Cagers. Bungy has a Stiebel on his HD but the note is at a higher frequency than my "truck" model.
    65.00 USD sent via post duty free from Turkey of all places

    Mounting one on my HD and binning the stock cow bell next

  2. I bought an air horn at the local car parts place here in Roi Et, it is identical to the Stiebel I have on my other bike right down to the exact instructions, same package, etc. The only difference is this one was red instead of black and only cost 650baht, quite a bit cheaper and works the same. It's not the same version as the one in the picture, the horn is slightly smaller and is probably the higher pitch model you talked about. just thought I'd pass that on for anyone interested in a cheap option. Cheers!
  3. Good point
    Red ones are here in Chiangmai at the little auto parts shop on the outside of the moat, before BKK bank but naturally I found it after I spent the 65.00 USD x 2 for the 2 bikes
  4. I've got mine mounted in the exact same spot and it certainly does wake up the folks who wander into your lane :take-that:

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