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  1. Hi All,
    A few friends and I will be taking a scooter tour of Northern Thailand in October/November this year.
    We intend to use the Honda 110-125 4strokes as most of us ride scooters back in Melbourne as part of an informal scooter club. I know many will think it odd to tour 800K on a 125, but that is a long weekend ride for us:)
    I would like to put together a small tool backup pack and am looking for some information which I can't locate on the web.

    Are the tyres on the step-thrus tubed or tubeless?
    If they are tubes, what is the wheel size for spare tubes?
    Any ideas what the spark plug is for the above?
    What size globes are the brake, indicator, park light?
    I can avoid ridding in the evening so a headlight repalcement is not something I would need to carry
    I was planning on bringing along a couple of sets of the following:
    10-12mm spanners
    14-16mm spanners
    combination screwdriver
    Spark plug spanner
    Can of CRC or WD40
    Insulation tape
    Gaffer Tape
    Replacement bulbs.

    How does that sound, especially the spanner sizes?

    Thanks very much in advance


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  2. It's obvious that us old adventure bikers had better find another developing country to ride in, the urban yupps are about to invade!

    "I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP
  3. Not the boring old Scooter/Yuppie Big Bike/Big Strong Man same old same old crap.....Brighton Beach was more than 40 years ago, get over it.
    By the way I see from you web page that you are an engineer, i'm a blue collar worker myself and have proudly been all my long doesn't that make you a 'Yupp' not I or as you are 56 an Oupp

  4. Gday Richard
    Dont worry about Tom ... hes forgetting that the locals go everywhere he does, but without the broad seat, long travel suspension, big wheels and extra horsepower ... far more "extreme" than old Tom ... they all ride scooters.

    You dont really need to bring any tools ... garages, dealerships, tyre repairs and "backyard boys" are just about everywhere, perhaps just a shifter and a couple of screwdrivers to tighten anything that rattles loose along the way.

  5. Sorry old chum, I thought you might have a sense of humour, seeing you are a blue collar worker, which happens to be the same colour I have on at the moment, I thought you might know about spark plugs and dity things.
    If I offended you I appologise, too many people are getting upset these days over trivial matters like cartoons etc.
    And I don't ride a big bike, just a bike for the right riding conditions, a scooter is designed for the city mate!

    "I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP
  7. Hi Richard,
    You won't have any problems in Northern Thailand with a Honda 125cc, everyone can fix them,check out Col's ride around Thailand on a Honda dream, posted on this site.

    "I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP
  8. Hi Richard

    1. Do read about Colin's tour - 20,000 km in 4 months on a step-thru.
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    Also read this report of doing the MHS loop - 600km - in one day on step-thrus.
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    2. Parts are much cheaper here, and every town has one or more repair shops. Breakdowns between towns are easily taken care of with a little cash and a ride to the nearest town in the next pickup truck to pass by.

    3. If you are renting the scooters, I suggest that you don't tell them about the high milage you intend to put on them.


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