sticky tires for CBR 150R?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Klaus, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. My pocket rocket needs new shoes - after over 15k km I don't really need a new rear, but I want to get some softer tires front and rear. And I don't want the stock tires again, they last very long but lack grip.
    Any suggestions, places to get them and prices?
  2. Hi Klaus,

    If/when you are in CNX, pop into G3 on Talawang(?) Rd, (city side of the Nakorn Ping bridge) and ask there. Reckon they can prob help you because I think he got tyres for Big & Tall's NSR150.


  3. Klaus,

    The tires that Mikerust directed you to are good, all round scratchers. Make sure you specify you want the ones off the molds in Japan versus the made in Thailand versions. A higher quality rubber compound from Japan.

    The local lads looking for really gummy tires are using Vee Rubber brands race compounds. You won't get 15k out of those as they are the consistancy of rubber bands but loads of fun on the Kart tracks.
  4. Thanks for the input, guys! I've had B'stone Battleax on my Ninja 900 in the States; didn't think they come in Mickey-Mouse size, too.
    The stock tires seem to last forever, I'd get another 5K out of them, but a couple of (too) hard breakings sent me skidding and sliding, even on BKK tarmac. So I don't mind some softer tires that get less mileage - the main thing is I stick to the road!
    I'm 400km south of BKK (no, not Pattani!) and will try to order through a local shop. If not, I'll head up to BKK.
    The NSR 150 has bigger tires than my CBR 150, bet the 2-stroke goes a bit faster - it has a bigger fuel tank, too....
    B&T, remember what you paid for your tires? Any price difference in Jap/Thai versions?
  5. Dumrong Yang Yont can probably help you out. (Pure Motor) "The owner is knowledgeable, confident, and speaks good English." 453 Maitrichit Road. Tel: 02-222-3789 08-163-281-109

    He ships tires to me in Chiang Mai for a small fee.

  6. If you are colse to a large town/city for sure they have a shop for "modifiy". They will get you something locale for the same purpose. In Indonesia i could only get Battlax for the front. The rear i used a local "Mittal" or something like that. I figure if you can stick your thumbnail into it......
    I'm currently on Dunlop GPR70's but not available in your size..I checked.
    Mine are 110/80-17? and 150/60-18. 4500 baht and 3500 respectively.
    My Battlax in Indo were about $40 each, local tires $20
  7. I am running a Local Dunlop TT900 front on my CBR150. Way better than stock. 700baht in CM. I have "forced" a Pirelli Diablo 120/70 x17 onto the rear rim. Its the old front tyre from my Ducati and is excellent. The tyre is a bit out of shape because the rim is too narrow but you never use all the tread and the grip is very good
  8. Maybe I should have done some research first - Dunlop makes 'em, too?
    I'll check out their website. I'm sitting in a internet shop where the kids are yelling and shooting machine guns on the screens, so I'd rather ask some people who can save me some time... also I wouldn't know the difference in the tires, what to take, B'stones, Dunlops, Pirelli's?
    Had some Pirelli MT60's on my 650 thumper, they were great and not that expensive....
    CBR 150 R tire sizes are 80/90/17 front and 100/90/17 rear...
    And no, I wouldn't spoon a Ducati rear on my front rim....
  9. Snail, looks like the TT900 is available in smaller sizes, but neither front nor rear match the CBR exactly. They only have 100s for the front 17" rim, and 100/80 for the rear. I've messed with motorcycles for lots of years, be it carbs, air filters / exhausts or tires, and have learned that the boys at Honda usually know their stuff and are hard to beat - especially when it comes to tires, rake / steering head angle and the resulting handling...
    I prefer to stick to the book and go with what the doctor prescribed...
  10. The guys at G3 in Chiangmai can get you the right size Dunlops from Bangkok so thier about, but avoid the local Dunlops and go the Jap ones, the local ones are OK for about a month, then thier useless, just ask big & tall who was sitting in the box seat behind me on the Samoeng loop when mine let go. Another good mod for the CBR 150 is to get one of those gas shocks that fit those little Kawasaki KSRs, thier about 2,800 Baht you have to knock a little bit of metal out of the bottom mount on the swing arm to allow it to pivot forward a bit and cut a nitch out of the plastic on the left side below the seat to fit the gas bottle but it makes a huge difference to the handling, also dump the oil in the front and replace it with a heavier one and pre load the springs about an inch. I went up to Pai on mine and that last 30 klms where it gets real bumpy didnt bother it at all, it just soaked it up, admittadly the recoil damping on the shock is a little slow and has no adjustment but even on the Pai road it didnt seem like it was packing down, the other thing to do is raise the pegs, too low for serious cornering
  11. Sadly the memory is fading fast. I believe about 4500 bht but could be wrong. They are a lot more expensive than the Thai made ones.

    Are they worth it??? For me yes. For people like Jonadda, hell no!!! Now I'm gonna miss all of his lurid slides along Samoeng loop[:D].
  12. "Any price difference in the jap/thai version?"
    What a dumb-ass question! Can't believe I wrote that.
    4.500 baht seems a fair price for good tires, I'll get them when I'm in BKK, I want to see them first before I pay!
    Does it say on the tire "Made in Japan" or "Thailand"?
  13. Avoid the temptation to go bigger .. my bike has a 110/70 on the front
    ALL the pundits warn about the falacy of going to the next size up in the hope of getting better grip. Shoehorning a larger tire on a rim will ruin the dynamics of the handling, especially the front.
  14. Exactly. Somewhere I read that a wider tire doesn't have a bigger contact patch, just a different shape that changes the angle of the lean of the bike. It said that no matter how big the tire, with the same pressure and weight on it the contact patch will always be the same size. They explained it this way: take a big balloon with a one meter in diameter and a small one with a foot in diameter. With the same inside pressure and the same weight on it, the contact patch will be exactly the same. Only the small balloon will be squeezed more flat. That's physics!
  15. Ooops, the rear is a 100/80 17, not a 100/90 . . .
  16. I'm not really looking for rubber tires that are good for the race track - that seems to be the extreme opposite of the stock IRC's - I'm looking for decent all rounders that last about 10k km; after all, the bike weighs only 115kg. I don't need to brake much on the highway, just close the throttle and I'm down on speed.
    I did some research and found this guy in BKK: Mr Pairoj or Pairot, who sells THAI made Dunlops and IRC tires and even ships. But - they seem not to be any better than stock, judging by looking at the prices:
    Dunlop TT 900: 750 / 870 baht, PLUS shipping;
    IRC Gold Wing Premium NR77 - which I suspect are the stock ones, haven't checked yet - 790 / 910 baht, PLUS shipping. The local Honda dealer wants 900 / 1100 baht for the stock IRC tires.
    I sent off another email asking for JAPANESE made tires (Dunlops) and for Battleax BS39. Let's see what he comes up with.
    The email address is: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  17. What's a Aprilia Factory? One of those 1000cc V-Twins? I'm not up to date anymore... I liked the Futura, good-looking frame and fairing. But around here I'd be happy with a Honda VTR 250 - that's a very sexy lil bike, and looks way better than the SV650...
    Haven't heard from my tire guy yet, maybe all he has are cheap tires.
    The CBR's IRC tires are called "Eagle Grip" - - -
  18. Guys,

    I have no info about the Vee Rubber tires(sizes, costs, etc.). I just happened to be talking to a racer at the Kart track and inspected his tires. They are available anywhere in Thailand as they are manufactured here. Just ask at the local chicken chaser hot rod shop. They had the the soft consistancy of racing rain tires (read real gummy soft).

    If you are in Chiang Mai. The gent that owns G3 can speak wonderful english and source you a set as one of his wrenches race chicken chasers at the Kart tracks.

    Good luck.
  19. Amazing. As they say. One learns something everyday. Didn't even know they made one [:I] and it is cute . Another new one for me was the Hornet 250, which turns up frequently at our get together here in BKK.
  20. Those bikes were new to me, too! Check out the Yamaha SRV (or SVR) 250 - a nice looking retro cafe racer with 18" wheels and a big headlight. Kind of a english "clubman" look with a loong tank. Engine is from the Virago 250. Around here 250cc is just the ticket, in my opinion. Bigger and faster bikes are good for the hiway, but may get you in trouble quick on the backroads. Too many dogs, cows, locals on old two-strokes who turn in front of you, fresh cement, coconut husks and left over sand or stones or who knows what...
    Got news from Mr Pairot today. He writes that there are no import tires for the CBR 150 and he recommends the IRC NR 77 Premium - "a high quality product developed by engineers in Japan and already proved by many aggressive riders on racing track" . . . front and rear for 1700 baht. My dealer wants 2000 baht for the stock "Eagle Grip" tires... so I figure, the "NR 77" can't be much better.
    Can someone make this thread an end and simply post where and for how much I can get some decent sport touring tires for my CBR...?! Pretty please?!
  21. Klaus,

    The Battlax BT 39's I bought in Indo were 400,000 Rp = $44 . 1700 baht is 459,000 Rp or $57.

    As the tires are not that big 1700 is probably about right. I'd say buy some from Pairot and give them a try. Agreed the local racers use them because nothing else is available but... They are also about half the price of my tires so you can afford to replace them twice as often.

    OR if you have any contacts in Singapore you could get some Bridgestones.
  22. McGriffith - Tom (Surachet Yanasarn) at G3 can also get you the Japan made Bridgestones mentioned in this thread if you are looking for more road friendly sportbike tires for your mount.
  23. Okay, how can I get in contact with Tom of G3? Does he have email or a phone number? - He can probably tell me where to get the Battleax BT39SS in BKK, bet that's where he gets them...
    Talking about exhausts and mufflers - the stock muffler is HEAVY!!! A real quality piece of work that won't rust out in a decade... I replaced mine with a "X-treme" muffler for 1.200 baht; a slightly better sound, not much louder; no improvement on top speed, but it feels like the bike pulls better from 6000-9000 rpm.
  24. IRC does make racing compound tires for the CBR 150. Very sticky and 75 % lighter than stockers. Cost about 1,000 B a set. No idea how long they will last on the road.I looked at them in the Honda garage at Thailand circuit when I was attending Honda Racing School.They offered to set me up with them for the school , but I had new stock IRCs that worked just fine.I was able to keep up with race pre-paired bikes and even passed one.
    80 % of fast riding is SKILL, 20 %, or less is, EQUIPMENT. Take a high speed riding course or racing school and learn how to use what you got.
    I sport tour all over Thailand with full luggage and think the CBR 150 in 100 % stock form is very good for conditions in Thailand.NO problems getting service and all parts at any Honda dealer.

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