still looking for contact no. for acc in Mae Chaem

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  1. Well the Navasoung was all booked up so we thought how about staying at the Mae Chaem Hotel Resort.
    looks nice from your report David and David

    but i can't find a telephone number for them
    the trouble is we will be there 5th December so im expecting it to be busy and would like to book ahead.

    can anyone help with a contact telephone number for the Mae Chaem Hotel Resort.
    or any other nice clean accommodation in Mae Chaem
    and yes David a trip report will be posted afterwards....nae problem

  2. Jim
    You wouldn't be looking for something for your tour business
    would you?
    25 Posts & only 2 brief trip reports so far...
    Keep trying, you're trip report should be a beauty.
  3. I stayed at the Pongsara Resort once not as good but closer to town. On the GT-Riders Map. I can't find the card at the moment so no number but best just to ride around there and look for places get there Cards and Keep them.
  4. It wouldn't be too hard to say that you were running tours and needed info, you would still get it.Sorry but there seems to be a lot of people using the site and giving little back, it's a site for riders, you ride, you contribute.Like Dave says keep trying and hope your customers don't read this site. This comment my own view , courtesy of too many beer Changs.
  5. You could try the Lai Hin Restaurant & Guest House 249 Mu 4, Tambon Tha Pha, Mae Chaem 25 km from Mae Chaem R1088 400 metres south of junction with R1192. Don't expect any luxury but the rooms are (were?) quite OK. Tel: 828258.

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