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  1. I asked a question in the Newbie section, but got no reply. Thought that was a bit strange, as it was a straight forward question. Then I realised that despite several of the Newbies getting well over a hundred views, they don't get a single reply or welcome to the forum. We all share superordinate goals, biking in S E Asia. Is this the type of unfriendly forum that you wish to belong too. Surely the aim of forums is the sharing of information and experiences ?
  2. Gday Rambling Man
    Sorry that you didnt think you got a brilliant welcome.

    A belated personal WELCOME to GTR at last.

    As you posted previously "some interesting topics, great forum" GTR is loaded with info & you just need to take a bit of a look round.

    To help get you started there's a thread for first time users here.!

    These links might help answer your question

    BUYING A BIKE is at


    INSURING YOUR BIKE & protecting yourself is at

    but almost any info you need for motorcycle touring in the region is already on GTR, & if you use the guide outlined here!
    you should be able to find it all yourself.

    Digest the info & then maybe ask any questions about something that may be unclear.

    There are thousands of shared experiences & valuable info already shared on GTR.

    Enjoy your time here.
  3. Thanks for all the links/info and the welcome, I will check them out.
  4. Welcome to GT-Rider!! If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask, but for generic questions the search function is always your best friend :)

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  5. Thanks for the welcome and advice, I will hit that search button

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