Strange noise from the Africa Twin - cannot locate it

Discussion in 'Technical' started by saxonator, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Maybe someone has an answer to this. My Africa Twin seems to be running smooth on the mainstand, gear in, gear out - no remarkable noises here.

    Once on the road, especially when I pull the clutch or slow down, I hear some noises that are pretty strange. I couldn't locate it. I called a friend of mine and he said could have to do with the sprocket or the shaft.

    Anyway I know there's quite a lot AT riders now - so if you had some similar problems, please let me know. Like this I don't want to ride around in Laos and maybe have a breackdown in the middle of nowhere.

    Thanks Rudi
  2. A knackered chain or sprockets can sound aweful..this happened when my last set wore out and went away when new chain and sprocket fitted. could be output gearbox bearing which may need replacing and that means big work as engine may need to opened.

    also rear wheel bearings can make noise when badly worn.

    A typical Africa Twin problem is the wear down of the outgoing axle. It is caused by low quality front sprocket and locking wash. Try to use original front sprocket or high quality not original one ( JT sprocket, made in Thailand is ok) Use only original locking wash, just to be on the safe side, I always keep a few in stock.

    The noise from this can only be heard while you have pressure on the locking mechanism , as by accelerating or slowing down. If you have bad luck it can also cause the bearing to brake down.

  4. I have don't have nor have ever ridden an AT. But I did have a strange noise once while ridding slowly. It turned out to be the rear wheel bearing. :shock:

    So given the previous posts I would change, or get changed for you, the front sprocket and chain and the rear wheel bearing (all relatively inexpensive) and listen again. If you are going on a trip new chain etc. is a good idea anyway for piece of mind. 8) Wheel bearings are cheap so if the bike is at the shop get the front one done also?
  5. Rudi
    Where's the noise coming from - the front or rear?

    Now, I dont like to say it, but it could be that the front sprocket's worn the spline on the counter shaft & the sprocket's sliding up & down the shaft, rubbing up against the side cover & that's the noise = complete engine strip down & the shaft is the very last bit to come out of the motor. (I know from experience - twice!)

    So take off the side cover & take a look at the front sprocket.

    If not this, then yeah could be a bearing.

    Good luck & enjoy Lao while you can.
  6. Rudi
    How's the bike going?
  7. the bike's allright now it was not a major problem, the chain was just to tight, I could have checked it myself, but Phuark was faster.

    New tyre from Joe before I left CNX, he tighten the chain to much. I was lucky not to ruin everything. I have to double check everything from now on.

    thanks to all for your support

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