Stung (Stoeng) to Preah Khan

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  1. Hi all

    Did anybody ever drive from Stung to Preah Khan over the last 2 years? If yes could you share your experience on road conditions and driving time?


  2. Hi Bertil,

    We had a trip along this route just last week. As you turn off highway 6 at Stoung, the first couple of kilometres are fine powder sand with deep potholes, the road then becomes a pretty flat red dirt road with very small bumps/ potholes (about an hour to an hour and a half on this at a normal speed). After that the road turns into a oxcart trail with very deep sand in places; this stretch was around 40km (Sorry don't have exact distances!). In total the route took under 2 and a half hours with stops (the 4x4 following behind made it in just over 3)
  3. Hi

    Thank you very much for the information. We will give this route a try in the week of Feb 9. Will post the results when we are back.


  4. What about directions, is it a straightforward route and/or are there enough locals scattered about to ask directions from
    I have a gps map showing the route but not sure how accurate or up to date it is.
    Is it correct that Stoung to Ta Seng is the easiest way to Preah khan?
  5. Dear Bill

    Can you send me a copy of the map with GPS coordinates? We will take our GPS and will check your data against ours. After we are back we will post it here.


  6. Bertil
    Auke was kind enough to send me the Cambodia map so I guess its the same one as the link he just provided.
    I've just been checking it on Mapsource it it appears fairly detailed with the Stoung-Ta Seng route labelled V Preah Khan, going via krabau, Dong, O Sakram.
    Perhaps Dancing Roads can confirm ?
  7. Dear Bill & Auke

    Thank you both. This will make our live much easier and maybe we will enjoy the trip even more by not having to think about the route. We will let you guys know when we are back.

    Thanks again

  8. yep that's the one.. shall speak to Mr. DR tomorrow and ask him whether it's a straightforward route or has many turn offs...

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