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  1. Well i;m at the point now where I can easily make a down payment on the 900 and make the payments comfortably.

    I think I already know the answer to this one. I was planning a trip to Malayasia the is year. I don't think I can get a financed bike over the border?
  2. Ray, To get the paperwork for crossing the border, you need the book with your name in it. If you do not have this, because finance company has it, then you need copy of the book and a letter from them giving you permission to take the bike to wherever you are going. They are not likely to give you this, but maybe its worth asking before you sign up.

    The other thing of concern with a new bike is the comprehensive insurance. Probably not valid abroad, again worth checking, and may not be easy to arrange new comp insurance in the country you are going to.
    This has stopped me taking my BMW into Laos to date.
  3. I may just keep the 400 for a while for that trip I'm thinking October would be good time. The book is in Poi's name on that one so no problem. Be playing tourist anyway so lots of poking around and no hurry.

    If I could real good feel where the darn dollar is going might save some money buying the 900 now. But I don't think anyone really knows that.
  4. Thanks Capt

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