Sukhothai - Mae Sot - Mae Sariang. Plus 105 update.

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  1. Sukhothai - Mae Sot - Mae Sariang. 105 update.

    I ended up in Sukhothai after taking a wrong turn while heading back to Chiang Mai from Nong Khai, yep, it was one of my short cuts that didn’t quite work out. No big deal, Id always wanted to look at the historical park there, and it was also an easy ride over to hwy 105 which I wanted to check out as well, plus a day of not sitting on the rock hard KLX seat for hours on end was well overdue
    The Sukhothai Historical Park is about 12 kilometres out of town, ..its no Angkor Wat, but its still pretty impressive, and worth a look.



    I couldn’t help but thinking if they had put more time into the initial planning and construction of these buildings, they wouldn’t be in such disrepair today.


    I traded the KLX for this green machine to get around the grounds. I think the last time this bike had any maintenance on it, was when the ruins were built.

    It was quite nice just peddling around the grounds.


    Outside the main Historical park there were a few other Wats and Temple etc, and you can ride to them on your motor bike.

    Next day after a few beers the night before at “Bar 64000” where they serve the coldest beers in Thailand, it was of to Mae Sai.

    The road from Sukhothai to Tak. The magnificent KLX wasn’t made for this road that’s for sure.

    I stopped to take a couple of photos and calm the nerves down on the road from Tak to Mae Sai. Ive never seen such crazy driving, and psycho over taking moves as I did on that road.


    I spent a night in Mae Sai, before heading north on a beautiful sunny day on hwy 105.

    Perhaps not such a great day for the people stuck in these refugee camps that are scatted along the hwy.

    Imagine what happens when a fire starts…instant inferno.

    Highway 105 update.
    There are 3 sections that total about 20 kilometres that would be less than enjoyable on the road bike. Most of it being road works, with potholes, and slippery gravel on hard packed, which would be slow going, but ok I think. The day rode up I seen 3 Harleys going south.

    The yellow and white paint was still wet on a lot of the new sections, and in some sections the painter hadn’t arrived on the scene yet. Brand new.

    When this road is complete, its going to be one of the best rides in Thailand…maybe the whole wide world.


    Nice through here.

    There was a few new Wats that have been built since the last time I rode the 105.


    What looks to be a new Wat just south of Mae Sariang.


  2. Hey good one Rex. You've just reminded it's about time I checked out Sukhothai once again.

    How was the accommodation & food scene for you.
    I used to love the Dream Cafe if it is still going.
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    A quick update on the 105 update.

    I rode Highway 105 in July 2017, and its now magic.

    Mae Sot Thailand (1).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (2).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (3).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (4).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (5).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (6).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (7).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (8).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (9).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (10).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (11).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (12).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (13).JPG

    Mae Sot Thailand (14).JPG

    One of the best rides in Thailand for sure. And best to go in the wet season as the scenery is stunning.

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  4. Stunning highway photos!
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