Sukothai -llom Sak- Chum Phae - Chaiyaphum - Korat January 2016

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    12 - 201 - 205

    beautiful ride on 12. bucketlist to see a wild elephant. someday. mini mount rushmore. lol. overnighted in chum phae.

    next morning to korat. passed a sugar mill. looking back wish i had drove in to see if i cold have gotten a tour. passed up on the fresh rats for bbq chicken. a couple nights in korat. stayed in university area. lots going on. markets, food stalls, restaurants, and good night life 12654500_10153386417300098_1997062609712687424_n. 12645225_10153386417310098_8898145975132373246_n. 12670328_10153386436900098_95901558168211754_n. 11226042_10153386437000098_3272983082079565056_n. 12642686_10153386445590098_8559588702654341777_n. 12650885_10153386447590098_7915672366713542771_n. 1934870_10153393540455098_5037792798436439208_n. 12662021_10153386447285098_2532700555665192726_n. 12661776_10153386446290098_7783968122144995098_n. 12688006_10153393537150098_2318169360401126322_n.
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