Sunflower Season

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  1. Rhodie

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    Sunflower Season

    Well they are out now.

    Sunflower Hill near the Viewpoint marked on MHS Loop Map.


    An extraordinary riot of colour - go if you can.


    A young couple capturing the moment


    I came across noted Chiang Rai artist Aphiruk Panmoonslip, painting away.
    Adding colour is not necessary in the fabulous landscape.
    He was expecting 50,000THB for this.


    Warning These flowers fade fast


    They are not expected to last beyond the end of this month.
    Rains two days ago had the locals worried that they may not even last that long.
    If you want to see them this year go as soon as possible.

    Various accommodation is available.


    This school has been converted into a "home stay" location.

    Or A-Frame huts are dotted along the roadside


    The road north off the 1263 [12kms east of Khun Yam] is a delight.


    Though the scenery is so spectacular the accident warning signs are permanent!


    Opposite the school is a hot air balloon operation.
    Operated by a Dutchman Wouter [based in CM] his 100THB "flights" are between 0730 & 0900 and 1630 onwards.
    Wind at other times prevent safe tethered "flights".


    Note - tho the pix have largely managed to avoid the legion of Toyotas that are migrating here this season, inc white pimp Moby's,
    do be careful as the vistas are stunning.
    But so is a head-on with a Spacevan.
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    Wow, I somehow missed this post when it was put up. Great photos as usual John. What luck meeting up with the artist and an excellent photo composition. We went last year about this time and, as you say, everything was fading quickly. Snooze you lose. Good Job John.
  4. daewoo

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    Yep Rhodie... makes the rest of us complete amateurs look, well, amateur...

    When I get my report up the photos won't be nearly as impressive, although I do have the advantage of Miss Elle's smile to distract the viewer from the poor composition...

  5. DavidFL

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    Yeah the weather's been amazing the last couple of days eh? Pouring with rain.
    I was due in MHS Wed, but both Joko & Sub-Tropical John kindly sent separate SMS messages warning me of heavy rain.
    So I took a chance, reversed direction & headed for Mae Sarieng first. Left Cnx 3.30pm Wed, arrived in Mae Sareing at 6.15pm & NO rain gear necessary.
    Joko says heavy rain Pai-Mae Taeng, TJ says pouring on Intnanon, & all I got was a sprinkle before Hang Dong, a wet road between Sanpathong & Chomthong, then a lovely dry thrash to Mae Sarieng.
    Only the last 16 kms descent into MS the road was again wet, but NO rain. Talk about a lucky GT Rider. Absolutely perfect weather in MHS now.
    The sunflowers at Doi Mae U-Khor might be a bit suspect becuaee of the rsain now, but at Mae Ho 16kms out of Mae Sarieng they were absolutely magnificent when I flashed past yesterday.
    You can check them out as a day ride from Cnx even - as it is only 180-190 kms west of Cnx.
  6. Kenny

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    Greetings from Singapore.

    I must have been lucky to missed the rain. I was up there last Tuesday.

    Had the privilege to meet David (Silverhawk) and Ian along the way to Chiangrai.

    Northern Thailand is very beautiful indeed. I will post pictures of the blooms when I have my pics up on flickr.
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Not the sunflowers, but Piya Guesthouse on the same trip (for me.)


    Piya's had a paint job & rebuild, with old rooms at the back now all bungalows - bigger, airier & brighter - both inside & outside.
    I reckon that Mr Piya must have had a night on grog & magic mushrooms before deciding on wat the new lairy colours should be.
    Piya also says free wifi is next on the menu!
  8. Rhodie

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  9. DavidFL

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    Only a few months away...

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