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  1. A thread on Super Moto in Thailand. All contributions welcome.

    20-21 Feb 2008: Nakhon Chaisri
    15-16 April: Nakhon Chaisri
    8-19 May: Nakhon Chaisri
    16-17 July: Nakhon Chaisri
    23-24 October: Nakhon Chaisri
  2. Hi Mate
    colin who has just signed up has a set of wheels for sale his email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] black rims with gold hubs, i set a set of rims that you can lase up to standard hubs but you will need spokes . Also there is a thai guy with a full motomaster brake set up for sale off a CRF email him for price and pics [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    hope to see you on track soon :D :D
  3. Mark,

    I've a set of Excels collecting dust right now. They're for an XR400 but will fit anything with a change of bearings & spacers. The front has an EBC 320mm full floater and the caliper offset bracket. I don't want to sell them, but you could borrow them long term for sure as I am still carrying a shoulder injury from my Bonnie smack-up and definitely cannot ride dirt or SM for a bit (most would say I can't even when fit - and I'd agree!)

    Drop by the shop or PM/buzz me if you are interested.


  4. shane just sent an email to that thai guy about the brakes. currently after a 5in rear wheel for the crf so if anyone knows of any around please let us know. cheers
  5. mate i have a set of rims here you can lace up to the standard hubs 17x3.5 front and 17x5.0 rear , but i dont have any spokes i can bring them with me nakhon if you want to look at them they are brand new
  6. Honda Honkey - I can bring the spokes in from the states if you need'em. How big is the rear you have on there now?

    most likely it won't be competitive since I'll be twisitng the throttle but you know the three of us will have a hoot stuffing each other on the track.
  7. I was wondering if there might ever be a chiangmai supermoto club and events in the future, maybe on the same lines as the motorcross series here, with lots of different catagories of bikes ( Dreams,KSRs,CBR150's etc. right up to the open classers) and riders ( beginners, experts, old guys etc.)
  8. There is mototbike roadracing put on at the kart track in Hang Dong. They usually run every other month or so. A variety of classes including a supermotard class combined with the usual KSR, 400cc, and chicken chaser classes. Good fun, however the motard class has not up to this point had any dirt in it. They simply use the kart track layout.

    Check with the kart track for a supposed itinerary. Being Thailand however the itinerary is not set in stone. It usually firms up a week or two in advance.

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