Suzuki Caribian for sale.

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  1. Suzuki Caribien for sale. Full modified. Engine Vitara / Injektion 16 valves. 6 shock absorber, bigger wheels off road Maxxis BIG HORN , Body new color, new battery, new gearbox 4 wheel drive, roofracks, special bumper very strong, special protection bar in front - strong one. Engine runs very well dont need oil. For this car we have a special construction to keep 2 Enduro 250 ccm, spare tank 20 liter. 4 extra lights. Inside 3 seats. 2 seats Recaro. This car is modified speciell for hard off road trips. 160 000Baht. Blue book everything ok. Insurance 10 month more. Owner of the car is a friend of mine. He s now in Phuket the car is in Chiang Mai.
  2. Maybe a silly question, But, is it still for sale?
    If it is please call 0817255600.

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