Suzuki DR parts order


Mar 15, 2003
beddhist wrote: Having had great trouble getting chain and sprockets (made in T!) for my DR I have decided to order the rest from my DR expert in Europe. If there are any DR riders out there who are interested in a collective order to save postage, please head to There are parts and accessories for DRZ400, all models of DR650 and DR Big.
Have you tried our friend Chan in Singapore? He can usually get most parts for the common bikes including DR's. Often he has someone who is traveling to Thailand and can bring the parts at least across the border and then ship to Chiang Mai.

From the Buy & Sell forum;

Mr Chan is a rider himself – has an Africa Twin in Phnom Penh at the moment and rides around Singapore on a DRZ650.
He can arrange shipments to you in Thailand if needed.

51 Ubi Ave 1, #05-08
Ubi Industrial Park

Singapore 408933

Tel : +65 6844-8973
Fax : +65 6234-2773

email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
It is usually best to give him a phone call as he is not very good at answering emails :)


Nov 14, 2005
Hi beddhist, are you still after the DR sprockets? If so let me know what ones you're after and I'll try to get them for a better price than Singapore.

Well, looks like Chan has worked on his email skills, he replied very quickly, as in 1 hour!. However, he can't get me any sprockets of any use to me. JT are out of stock.

So, yes merkamouse, if you have a better source then I'm interested. But I will need to know fairly soon, because I have to make a decision here. Stupid thing is, I can get the sprockets from Germany, but not in Thailand where they are made.

I don't mind what brand they are, it's just that I know the JTS part numbers.

Ok, here is what I am after:

I have the DR650SE, model SP46A.

Chain and sprockets: I'm NOT using the standard set, because I need a
reduced ratio, so I'm using sprockets off other bikes and a 520 X-ring
chain instead of 525.

Front sprocket: JTF 437.15 ... =JTF437,15
(15 teeth, this is off older DRs)

Rear sprocket: JTR 822 ... =JTR822,45
(45 teeth, originally for Husqvarna 450 & 610)

Thanks very much,


Nov 14, 2005
Hi again Peter, yes those sprockets are definately out of stock, if you want I can order them for you, the wait is currently about 3 weeks until they are available again. There would be postage costs on top of the prices below (ex Bangkok so not as much as from overseas). Let me know ASAP. Cheers, Brett

JTF437.15 450 baht

JTR822.45 700 baht
Hi Brett,

Thanks for the offer. My front sprocket is getting bent teeth, I think. Not sure how long it will last. I'll wait for a couple of days to see what Chan can come up with.

Are you affiliated with JTS, or a bike shop owner, or...? Seems you have a good wire to JTS. In the latter case, perhaps you can propose another brand? I don't mind what brand I use, as long as they are good quality and the right size. In the rear I could add a tooth, but I can't really change the front.

Cheers and thanks again,

Hmm, me thinks this is getting off-topic and perhaps should be moved to email? beddhist at gmail dot com.