Suzuki DR650 for sale

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  1. - year 1994
    - 24000 miles only (speedo in miles and km/h)
    - licensed and registered in Bangkok
    - comes with green book, owner history clean all the way back to 1994 (see green book)
    - insurance and tax paid until July 2011
    - great bike, ideal for touring, sufficient power (45hp) and quite light (just 170kg)
    - unbeatable oil / air cooling
    - electric start

    I have done some excellent touring, bike never let me down, not even at 42degreesC in the very north of Thailand last spring. New battery, new spark plugs, oil changed, central stand and hand guards fitted, K&N lifetime air filter, great sound (aftermarket muffler); no top box, needs new rear tire.

    Ready for test ride in Bangkok-Noi.

    99000 Baht

    write to [email protected] or drop me an SMS with you tel. no at +41 79 827 06 88 (Swiss tel. no., expensive when you call from a Thai number) and I call you back.


  2. I've owned a '98 DR650SE and I remember it very well, it was a great bike! Before that I had a XR650L and I'd take the DR over the XR anytime.
    Considering the prices that some 250cc Bajas or Djebels demand this 650 should be a good deal.
    How about some more pics?
  3. Dear KZ, thanks for you comment, indeed a great touring bike, I have selected it by purpose when I bought it. One of the reasons being the oil/air cooing. Much better than just air cooled when it's hot (and it was damn hot in the north last April !).

    I will take some more pics and post by mid week.


  4. 267491=3008-Suzuki%20DR650_2.

    all right, 2 more photographs, not the best quality, but should give you a better impression. More to follow.
    cheers, Oliver
  5. 267531=3013-Suzuki%20DR650_6.

    As promised I am enclosing some more pics.

    cheers and best regards


    Attached files 267531=3012-Suzuki%20DR650_6.
  6. Nice set of pictures indeed, never wanted to make a motard version ? Changing fork and wheels ?

    Now i'm sad i dont have 100k to invest on a bike .....

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