Suzuki DRZ400SM ?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking for a DRZ400SM , year 2006 up, green book, low mileage as brand new is impossible to find. The less mods the better as i want to do the work myself.
    I looked at RedBaron, Brit Bike, nothing, found one at tpmotorcycles but way overpriced and i don't feel the guys there.

    I was also thinking about a XR400 or a new D-Tracker, any suggestion welcome...

  2. VERY hard to find, especially with 100% legal green book. I know becasue I looked for one myself before settling on an 08 model with just the invoice papers.
    try contacting Mark Rossi off the board I know he has a few stockers he might sell.

  3. Hi dirthonk, what is the difference between having a green book or just the invoice ? knowing that i live in Bkk and that the BiB's control me quite often...
  4. On my invoice papers, it just shows the tax payed on the seperate parts that the bike came into the country as. It doesnt include the assembly tax or the official registration.
    Having a green book would mean that both of those have been payed in full therefore making the bike fully legal.
    Im not sure if there are legal channels to get invoice bikes plated anymore, as I am told that they will not register carburetted bikes anymores,so you may be better off buying one plated already.

    Good Luck.
  5. classic carbed bikes can still get green book but have to be older than 20 years
  6. I found a couple of interesting bikes including Brian's one, the question is, how can i be sure i can get a plate on it ?
    i don't mind paying 75k to make a bike legit, but i wanna be sure it can be done before i buy the bike... thanks for your help guys !
  7. Problem solved, i bought a D-Tracker ! Of course it's less powered, but it's new, funny to ride and ready to be modified, and of course no headache with this [email protected] Greebook :D

    Thanks for your help !!
  8. My last bike in Europe was an MV Agusta Brutale, i gave up about horsepower in Thailand. Specially in Bangkok.
    My choice was all about having a first hand bike, with legit paper for 900B instead of a 2nd hand one with a 70'000B useless greenbook.
  9. J,
    Chat with Ian Bungy on the mods he did to his KLR. I am not sure what it is pushing, but last time I was up there I stepped off a new stock KLR and then on his and it was night and day!! He has his 250 pulling like an ape, and feels so much tighter!!


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