Suzuki Grasstracker Bigboy 250cc

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  1. lotuseater

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    For sale in Chiang Mai. Suzuki Grasstracker Bigboy 250cc.
    The bike is in great condition, runs well and is very fun to ride. It is being sold because it was purchased for my wife and it is not being used. It has import papers but not a green book. The bike was recently serviced by Burning shop in Chiang Mai. New brakes, new battery, new starter.

    50,000 Baht. Price dropped to 43,000 Baht.



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  3. gazza

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    i am interested in your bike . what year munufactore is it,at present i am on samui ,i hope to visit changmai ,in the near future ,about 4 weeks from now ,maybe sooner , got any idea of transport costs to the island.drop me your phone number and i will ring when i get up there
  4. lotuseater

    lotuseater Ol'Timer

    Alright, I am going to take another swing at selling this bike.
    The bike is still in great shape, 17,000km. I have just put new Dunlop K180 tires on the bike. It is a good commuter bike and a lot of fun in the mountains. It is also surprisingly good off road. It is not an off road bike by any means but it will handle dirt roads with few problems. It is very low to the ground, my wife rides it and can get both of her feet on the ground easily. She is only 5 ft. I'm selling it because I want to have a bike that is a little stonger off road and having a licence is becoming appealing to me. It has been little problem so far but going into Chaing Mai city centre, it does sometimes get stopped. If you are looking for a second bike to just cruise around out of town on this might be your bike.

    I'll drop the price to 43,000

    Send me a message or give me a call. My new cell number is 803-201-6661

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