Suzuki Gsx-R1000 K11 now available in Thailand!!! 799K Baht!

Discussion in 'Suzuki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Feb 1, 2011.

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    The new Gixxer K11 is now being sold at Suzuki World in Bangkok!


    They've updated their website:

    The 799,000 Baht price includes registration, first class insurance and a tank of gas. GSX-R 1000 buyers will also receive a gift voucher worth 30,000 Baht which can be used to buy genuine Suzuki accessories.

    No confirmation yet if the Gixxer sold in Thailand is FULL POWER or restricted... I wonder if the Suzuki sales staff even know? (The sales staff as Kawasaki's Big Bike Showroom didn't even know that the Ninja ZX10R sold in Thailand is restricted until customers started to complain...)

    Awesome to have another liter bike available!

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R (restricted :-( ) 650K Baht

    Suzuki GSX-R (restricted or not?) 799K Baht

    Yamaha R1 (FULL POWER) 870K Baht

    Of the Japanese big 4 now only Honda is missing... :-/

    If the Gixxer if FULL POWER I'd take that over the R1 any day. (Other than different colors, the K11 is identical to the K10 and is a bit of a fat pig compared to the old K5/K6) ;-)

    If the new Gixxer is FULL POWER I expect it will sell very well at 799k Baht.

    Ride On!


    ps. I wanted to post this in the Motorcycles section, but there isn't a Suzuki section yet. Perhaps the mods could create one as I'm told Suzuki will offer more big bike models soon.
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    Awesome news!! Always nice to have a few more choices, Tony I know a long shot, but did the Kawasaki staff speculate what other models shall be approved for sale over here?
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    Hey Tony, that's good news !!!! More to come I guess, pity only that they dropped their DR/DRZ's as I haven't seen one on their European Sales websites, only the RMX450.

    Hi Ben, I hope you read this !! Time for a SUZUKI thread in the manufactorers section please...........

    Cheers, Franz
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    Thanks Ben, could you please also move this post by TonyBKK (hopefully he agrees) to the Suzuki section so we can take it from there ?? Tony I hope you approve this one to me moved ?? Cheers, Franz
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    Moved it for you.
    Welcome back & see you Thursday night.

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