Suzuki GSX1400 for sale in Chiang Mai

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    Stunning 2002 GSX 1400 for sale. 46k km, professional custom paint, 4-1 stainless exhaust system, stainless brakelines, bikini fairing. Owned and maintained by pro mechanic since new. Tax, insurance, green book & plate. Must be seen to be appreciated. All original parts available. Asking 295,000 or best offer.

    Please note I am posting this on behalf of Joe (Joe's Bike Team) so please deal with him direct by stopping by the shop which is 26/1 Soi 2, Chang Moi Rd or give him a buzz on 053-251186.


  2. Bike is now sold.


  3. Have just been talking to the new owner, said he had an enjoyable ride home on the bike, and the bike certainly has a lot more power than his Phantom.
  4. i am not suprised such a nice awesome bike sold quick.
  5. Jerry if this is a nice awesome bike how come my Fazer hasn't sold yet?
    It's every bit as good as a GSX 1400 and is cheaper as well! Handles better,is faster and lighter??
  6. JohhneyE I dont know ,, i think the Fazer is a more focused bike but the GS1400 has sex appeal ,,you know bigger is best my dick longer sort of stuff.

    Fazer is a more level headed bike , better handling is your in CM or a big city ,if not it may be more difficult to sell,, maybe a buyer is just around the corner.

    It is a buyers market now as well there are big numbers of big bikes in the Pattaya shops ,
  7. As Joe has now sold his maybe I should put it in his shop?
  8. Johnny, its a good idea to say where bike is located, even in your profile you only list as Thailand.

    My friend, was looking to buy a big bike, I sent him details of Joe's as I knew it was located in Chiang Mai, and he ended up buying it.

    Just a suggestion
  9. Good Idea but I figured if somebody wants it they would contact me and travel.
    Anyway it's in Chiang Mai.
  10. Chaps,

    Joe's bike didn't exactly "fly out the door" as it had been advertised elsewhere for a couple of months with no success. Same for me before with my XJR1200 - took a while and the market is very different here to what we are used to back home - small amount of suitable bikes and a small number of serious buyers (no shortage of tyre kickers though :x).

    Persevere Johnny and try bahtsold, thaivisa and mocyc. You can ask Joe about putting it in his shop but if sold, he'd expect a few % commission :)


  11. I expect and accept Joe would want a few $$$$. He's done it for me before.
    I'll call him.

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