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  1. An interesting small bike was presented in Europe as an alternative to the CBR and Ninja 250.
    The GW250 is manufactured in China and first mainly for this market. No information as to where it will be available yet but Europe it will be for sure.
    Data: 250cc, inline 2, 24 HP, 183kgs (very heavy), and in Austria price should be Euro 3,600. Leaves a Net price of Euro 2,900 incl. all margins but excl. taxes (20+3%). Currently that would translate to in roughly 125k THB incl. 7% VAT but no import taxes yet.
    Hopefully Suzuki Thailand is bringing this nice little machine onto the market here.......
    Must admit this bike looks much nicer than the CBR and also the Ninja, as design seems to have been ripped from the B-King, but that's only my personal opinion/taste.
    Some fotos:
    rgds, FR
  2. Nice looking bike but as you mention, extremely heavy for a 250.
    Love the digital & analogue display set up.
  3. Get Rid of that Ugly Headlight unit and Front Guard and it would look OK. As Cloughy said Nice Dash though.
  4. I dot know where you got the informations about the bike, 180kg for 24hp seems indeed stupid.

    Here is a Thai link with leaked pictures :

    Maybe a sign that it will be released here....

    The bike looks really comfy for a 250 and could be a nice option for sundays trips :)
  5. That´s what I thought first.
  6. Sorry, but I don't see anything exciting in this bike!
    Actually it looks like it was designed by a Chinese manufacturer, not by Suzuki, which would explain the weight.
    If it's imported assembled the price would not even be close to the CBR or the Ninja.
    If they want to break into the 250cc market they have to try harder!
    Less weight, more power, better looks and maybe upside-down forks.

    Honda did a better job with their CBF500 twin, built from 2004 to 2007. It's a simple standard commuter bike, weighs about the same as the Suzuki 250 but has 56 hp. Would make a nice ride for Thailand. And I prefer the looks... but maybe I'm getting old.

  7. Ha! I knew that I've seen this bike somewhere, and after a little search, there it is:

    278255=10304-Suzuki 250.jpeg

    It's posted on mbox's "33rd BKK Motorshow" thread a from few days ago!
  8. Design not doing it for me. There is a big gap in the market for a good naked 250, as nothing will better the cbr250 or ninja250 in the racey fairing look bikes!

    Power to weight ratio is appalling :|
  9. Seems like Honda is reading gt-rider... :)

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