Synthetic 2 stroke oil in CM - Where to buy?

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  1. I'm looking for the PTT synthetic two stroke oil in Chiang Mai. Price is around B350 per lt., it's quite difficult to find, so any help would be appreciated. Does anybody know of shops with an extensive range of oils or motocross shops in central CM?
  2. Man open your eyes F i live in the Jungle and can buy, could send you a Taxi fare, i wonder about people who post, i know its raining.
  3. Well..... who pissed in your bowl of cereal this morning
  4. Just to clarify, I am traveling up from Bkk Sunday night and can't bring the oil with me. Then I'll be riding Mon, so I don't have time to look around. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. It's the PTT Challenger Synthetic 2T I'm after.
  5. I know it`s not what you are looking for but Esso carry a Mobil semi synthetic 2 stroke oil at 105 baht/litre.

    Surely a PTT gas station would carry what you are looking for?
  6. A PTT petrol station would be your best bet, or you could try some of the Chiang Mai bike shops listed here
  7. The PTT brand I would hit the PTT gas stations around town as others mentioned, also Lotus Tesco carries the PTT brand of oil. If that fails Chiang Mai motcross shop on the North East inside corner of the moat has fully synthetic two stroke oils by Motul. Not cheap though.

    Good to see people not shy of travelling some distance on the smokers.

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