Ta Prohm, Phnom Chisor and Phnom Da: day trip to 3 temples in Takeo Province

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    Yesterday I did 3 ancient temples in Takeo Province, Cambodia with a mate on XR250s. You'll need something with this amount of suspension travel, the roads are pretty bad once you get off National Hwy 2.

    The full route for the trip is now available in OSRM: http://map.project-osrm.org/14m

    Ta Prohm
    Route: http://map.project-osrm.org/13q

    This is on Tonle Bati lake. Beautiful old ruin, older than Angkor Wat. What looked like rather old group of 3 nuns accosted me in one section. Couldn't understand a thing except one said 'bong sa art', or that I am good looking. LOL


    Phnom Chisor

    Route on from Ta Prohm: http://map.project-osrm.org/13r (turn left of Nat hwy 2 about 20km further down the road, you'll see a big brown ornate gate with a relief sculpture of Phnom Chisor wat at the top of it, head down that road, turn right at the junction at the mountain and you'll come to the entrance in a bit).


    This was the best of all, lovely view from the front of the wat across the rice fields. It was also a nice hike up the hill.

    Panoramas: http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87173, http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87174, http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87172

    Phnom Da

    Continue along past the hill until you get to Prey Lovea. On the way in to this town you'll see a petrol station on the right. There is a road going diagonally, south west. Go down that road until you get to Angkor Borei town. Go across the bridge and follow a bumpy road pretty much straight to Phnom Da. Ask the locals for directions. They're very friendly. A bit of the route: http://map.project-osrm.org/13s

    Panoramas: http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87176, http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87177, http://www.photaf.com/index.php?PanoramaId=87178 (this is the river in Angkor Borei)

    This is a world heritage listed temple from the 11th century, with the earliest known instance of Khmer script. It was in surprisingly good knick given its age. It has a hole in the op, as shown in one panorama. It looked pretty solid until you saw it was hollow. I was impressed they could build such a thing so long ago. It was also on a hill so had a nice view across the paddy hills south.

    Trip time: 1 day, make sure you ride back before dark, highway 2 is narrow and well trafficked, you need good light to spot hazards.

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    Those panoramic photos are impressive, I never seen that site before. Beautiful photos.

    Nice report with good information, thanks for sharing your “Tomb Raider” experience.


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