Taitanium welder needed in Chiang Mai.

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by pitstop, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I need a Taitanium welder (TIG/Inert gas) to do a simple repair.
    Anyone know of one in Chiang mai?


  2. I'm seeing CNX's number one welder/metal fabricator tomorrow to pick up some aluminium welding he's done for me. Can I ask what you need then I can ask him in the morning. PM me your number and I'll let you know.


  3. Pikey, why can't you post his details here for all to see and take advantage of?
  4. Because Scott asked a specific question and I was waiting to see Somchit before answering. I see David has beaten me to it giving Somchit's details.

    I'd certainly vouch for his work as he's done a few things for me personally (alu bash plate for my XR and lately a pair of SS silencers) and Joe (Joes Bike Team) and RobertH use him a lot too.


  5. Thanks boys. How is his English?
    Does he do exhausts as well?
  6. No probs Johnny. ;)

    Yep, he's made a 4-1 header/collector box set for me in the past and just done a pair of reverse-cone megas for my Bonnie in stainless. Can do pretty much anything but needs the bike to tailor fit stuff.

    His English is almost perfect and he's a bike enthusiast to boot running a BMW R69S amongst others.


  7. Is this a new asian alloy...."taitanium"
    or just a bent on the ol' titanium???? :lol:
  8. He's the man then. I want to take out the catalytic converter from my Street Triple and either slip over a stainless connector and spring mount it (in case I want to put it back to standard later) and then put on a new muffler.

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