taking motorcycle inot Cambodia

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  1. Hello all;

    I have a 1970 Triumph that i want with me when i move to Cambodia from Thailand.
    Technically it is here illegally as i am still running my expired 1999 Ca plates. ( i just rode it in from Malaysia in 98 to Phuket and they didn't stop me at the border). I have been stopped a few times in Phuket but they never bother me other than ask where i got the bike and if I want to sell it.

    What would i need to do to bring it into Cambodia and not be hassled or have it taken from me? The bike is mine and i have the California registration papers. I know i can take it in for a short period but dont want to keep doiing border trips with it.

    What would i need to do to have it licensed there? OR can i just bring it in and ride it and not worry about anything other than a ticket or two?


    Any other westerners have Old English bikes in Cambodia???? :D
  2. The best I could suggest is that you head over to the forum associated with www.khmer440.com

    There are a lot of guys there who know about these sorts of things... I am guessing that anything is possible and it isn't expensive...

  3. thanks;
    I am going to all the forums BUT so far no one seems to know. :?

    There must be one farang out there that has brought a bike in from thailand 8)
  4. I think the biggest problem will be getting the bike out of Thailand ,

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