Tales from Mae Sot

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  1. Hi,

    I've been catching up on the trip reports on my web site from earlier this year. Check out http://beddhist.googlepages.com/t1

    There are seven pages so far. More as I find the time and net access.

    Kind regards,
  2. The link dont work unless you remove the full stop at the end.
  3. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, Rex.
  4. More pages are up, although most of it is no longer related to Mae Sot. The latest is:


    From the home page you can access any page directly.


    PS: oops, another full stop. I never learn, do I? Thanks for pointing it out, Tony. I'm glad you like the pages. Page 11 is almost there...
  5. Page 11 is done, too. Enjoy.
  6. Thailand page 12 is now finished, covering Si Khoraphum in Isaan to our shambolic border crossing in Chiang Khong. You can click right through to Laos with the navigation links at the bottom of each page.


    Happy travels!

    Peter & Su.
  7. Peter&Su

    Great stuff and love to read your travels,,,

    ride safely


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