Tanjung Bruas Port, Melaka - Malaysia Roro To Dumai - Indonesia


Medan Enfielders
Jan 3, 2019
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Salam sejahtera, hi just wondering if anyone in Melaka is aware or any updates on the development of the Roll-on Roll-off ferry betweeen Melaka, Malaysia and Dumai, Indonesia?

Read this online news article way back in Feb 2018

Johor Port to invest RM10mil for facilities at Tanjung Bruas Port - Business News | The Star Online

and another update in Sep 2018 (in Indonesian)

Indonesia dan Malaysia Jajaki Pelayaran Kapal Roro Rute Dumai-Malaka - Tribunnews.com

No more updates from there on. Just wondering if the Q1 2019 target is actually going ahead? Would be nice to be able to ride from Indonesia to Malaysia and travel on to Thailand, etc. This would also ultimately open the gateway to Indonesia for riders from other parts of ASEAN.

I am located in North Sumatra, Indonesia and would like to do trips to other ASEAN countries the easy way. Thanks.