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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Klaus, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Bought a very clean two year old Honda from a dealer with only 4.700km on the clock. Right from the start I noticed the speedo needle moved kind of slow at city speeds. Now out on the highway the needle sometimes "swims", kind of waves up and down a little bit. When I go 100km/h, it sometimes falls down to 95 then jumps up to 105, then stays at 100km/h for a while. Also when I go 120 at 10.000 revs, the needle doesn't climb higher when I go 11.000 revs, like it's stuck.
    This is no big problem, I just wonder what causes this - did the dealership monkey with the mileage?
    Any educated guesses are welcome! In the meantime I'll unscrew the speedo cable and insert some oil, see if that changes anything, but doubt it.
  2. Klaus
    Sounds like the cable is on the way out.
    Just wack a new one on for a hundred? odd baht & the problem should be solved.
    If that does not work, then maybe the gear drive is worn, then if not that maybe the speedo itself is a bit dodgy. (One of these should be right.)

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