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  1. Mekong Hotel


    pretty basic


    parking is ok, but there are better places I'm sure.
  2. in November 2012 I did stay at this same hotel and I think it is good value for money. Actually I now realize that we had much bigger rooms, at least twice as big and did cost 120.000kip I think without breakfast.

    Along the riverside is another big hotel "Riviara Hotel" and although on the outside it looks same old as "Mekong Hotel" it is much, much better. Actually and 4star hotel, but almost 500.000kip included breakfast. See

    Then in town is "Intira Hotel" an boutique hotel in an old colonial style house. It has only 6 rooms and no private parking for motorbikes. But and nice restaurant (but do not eat the pizza's).

    Chang Noi
  3. e82eQod.

    I stayed here one night, after visiting the restaurant on a previous visit.

    I met some people who highly recommended it, and they were right. The front desk was polite and efficient, the room very nice ( but lacking a kettle as everywhere in Laos does ), clean crisp linen, TV was a little lacking including a breakfast of egg / bread / bacon. I slept very well, when I woke up I thought I was at home.

    Low season price $25. Downstairs there is a restaurant, 'KopJaiDer' - Where it was OK to spend the evening, however the experience would be better if they installed fans.

    ETS: There is no off road parking. The restaurant staff told me I could park inside after 11.00 PM, I was shot by 9.00 PM - So they cleared me a space and allowed me to ride into the restaurant and park up.


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  4. #1 In the 'Lonely Planet' guide .. something about "if only all guest houses were as inventive as this"

    Travelfish .. "Rooms are set around a garden in which a fire is lit every night and guests gather around to share stories of their adventure around the loop and the rest of Laos."


    Ball$heet .. I rocked up to this 'bikers paradise' situated in a colonial villa, to be greeted with signs 'no bikes past this point' and immediately some guy told me I couldn't park my bike where i did ( I give them the usual smile and tell them I will move it after check in - but I don't like this attitude anywhere in Asia, why do I want to carry my gear from the furthest reach of the car park ? )

    The rooms were 60,000 for a single - 70,00 for a double and upwards, over 120,000 as far as I could tell.

    I could have a single, but the room was small .. like how small ? As cute Lao receptionist opened the twin door, I was hit with a wave of musk, so I passed on that and headed for the single. Which for 60,000 kip was a perfectly acceptable size, only the bed wasn't great and the only other stick of furniture was a coffee table perched on the dusty painted floor.

    I got my bags, spoke to two scandinavian ladies, they said their twin was nice.

    After parking my bike and dragging my bag through the garden, I met upon another couple of young bikers .. I exchanged a 'howzit' and i could tell I wouldn't be exchanging any fireside stories with them. I gave the restaurant a skip and headed into town for an evening beer outside 'KopJai'.


    When I returned, there was no fire, just two Lao guys sleeping on the benches, by the looks, there hadn't been a fire for a few months.

    To cut a story short
    • crap bed
    • dirty shower ( only one for x ammount of guests ) / No rails / shelf / hook / bent nail in the wet shower ( where am I supposed to put my washable / towel )
    • noise from the garden
    • useless fan
    • woken up at 5.00 am by the staff doing their chores
    • bike parked too far from the hotel
    • I could go on, give this place a skip, it doesnt live up to its reputation ( Could be amazing tho')
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  5. The Phone Padith is an old long established hotel, with the old section now a bit of a dump - I stayed there once, but never again. However they have a brand spanking new beauty right out the front.




    Nice clean rooms. Whisper quiet aircon.
    Secure off street parking in the court yard at the back.
    GPS Waypoint: N17 23.991 E104 48.321
    Price was close to 1,000 baht a night from memory. Sorry Ive lost my records for this beauty.

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