Tha Khek Restaurants

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  1. Sabaidee Tha Khek

    SabaideeThaKhek-GTR-IMG_2694. Sabaidee Tha Khek

    SabaideeThaKhek-GTR-IMG_2695. Sabaidee Tha Khek

    SabaideeThaKhek-GTR-IMG_2696. A new open air restaurant - pub

    SabaideeThaKhek-GTR-IMG_2697. Outdoor dining

    SabaideeThaKhek-GTR-IMG_2699. The big breakfast at Sabaidee Tha Khek

    Location: near the river on the corner of the evening market.

    GPS Waypoint: N17 23.677 E104 48.205

    Recommended for a decent brekky at least, plus hook up with other travellers.
  2. DD Cafe


    a new aircon cafe, downtown by the evening market


    smart clean + WiFi


    A nice cuppa with some cake


    if you're feeling the heat a bit after your ride, Check this place out.  Right the in the centre where the action is with the evening market.


    GPS Location: N17 23.701 E104 48.214

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