Tha Ton – Mae Ai Loop. Great Little Detour.

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  1. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Tha Ton – Mae Ai loop. Great little detour.

    If your riding on hwy 1089, and you’ve got a bit of time to spare, I would recommend this little detour.

    Its only 27 kilometres long, but well worth checking out.

    This is what it looks like on the GT-Rider Golden Triangle Loop map.
    Tha Ton Thailand (1).JPG

    I think it’s a better ride if you start from the North-East end near Tha Ton.
    Tha Ton Thailand (2).JPG

    Nice climb and descend.
    Tha Ton Thailand (3).JPG

    Tha Ton Thailand (4).JPG

    Tha Ton Thailand (5).JPG

    There’s a nice lookout where you can get a drink as well as some tasty Thai food.
    Tha Ton Thailand (6).JPG

    Buy a drink even if you don’t need one. A lovely lady owns this little business.
    Tha Ton Thailand (7).JPG

    There’s few villages that make you feel like you’re in Laos.
    Tha Ton Thailand (8).JPG
    Tha Ton Thailand (9).JPG

    So good riding through here.
    Tha Ton Thailand (10).JPG

    Gotta love Northern Thailand.
    Tha Ton Thailand (11).JPG

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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Yesiree, this really is a magic little loop & a relatively unknown one for most people, but what a ride it is.
    A genuine roller coaster one if it ever was.

    This snap is awesome & makes you want to get out there.


    I've been up there a few times, but not often enough.
    If you're staying in Fang or Tha Ton for the night, you should always have a crack at this loop.

    Some earlier GTR links for this magic little loop.
    The Doi Laem Loop.

    Fang & Back - A Fang Meander

    A golden oldie - how it used to look before the asphalt.,
    Doi Larng Mae Ai
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  4. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Great stuff, Rex.
    The question is;
    Can you continue around the border road, around the back of Doi Pahampok and come out in Fang?
    Or has the army got that part of the road closed now?
    That used to be a great ride, before and after the broken road was fixed. Very quiet out there.
  5. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Hi Ian

    There was a couple of army guys at the turn off. They said I wasn't allowed to go beyond that point.
  6. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Thanks mate. It's a shame, a great road with stunning views and scenery. That area is also a great birdwatching area, around Doi Lang,
  7. Lakota

    Lakota Ol'Timer

    I did the Border road you mentioned before the rain season with a couple of new Africa twins and my Half rica twin (CB500X) . The Army guys let us through, must have caught them unawares but we got turned back towards the end of the Trail as they said it was too dangerous. The Trail gave a feeling of Deja Vu, very similar to the other border , army roads in the Area.
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  8. blackb15

    blackb15 Ol'Timer

    Looks great nice photos well done.
    Safe riding
  9. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    A friend bought some land just past the Coffee shop and built a small house there with a nice deck.
    The view over the Fang valley in amazing. Both day time and night time.
    Next to the coffee shop they have built up some bamboo huts for hiso camping. They also have tents for rent if you are into loso camping.
    Screenshot 2017-09-29_09-06-36.
    You can continue along the border to Doi Ang Khang too. A bit worn down asphalt but doable on all kind of bikes.
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  10. Rod Page

    Rod Page Ol'Timer

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