Thai bike plate stolen enroute Poipet - advice neefed ASAP!!

Dec 27, 2013
Happy New Year Ms. Chan,Last night, somebody stole my license plate complete with my Chiang Mai tax certificate and a special holder for it. I filed a police report I have a copy) and went to the Transport office here in Phetchabun to see what they can do for me - they say they can do nothing even though I have all my ownership papers and I can only get plate replaced in Chiang Mai. I worry about entry & exit to and from Cambodia. Police here tell me not to worry. But worse if they let my bike enter Cambodia and they do NOT let me take it out without a plate. Big headache for me because 1000 km to go back to Chiang Mai and come back to where I am now!!I know it is not your job but I hope you will make an effort to help me. Can you call Cambodian Transport and ask what I can expect at the border? Can I register my bike in Cambodia in Poipet after I enter? Can they suggest a solution as I do think to live in Cambodia.Thank you.
Dec 27, 2007
Thai plates are very fragile and often crack and fall off. I know a lot of people who have lost their plates while riding the rough roads in Cambodia and Laos. Never been a problem at the border as long as all other paperwork is correct.
When i lost a plate some years ago I was advised by transport dept to make a hand written plate and used that without incident while waiting for the replacement plate to be issued.
Mar 30, 2010
Agree with Tony.. Of course there is always a risk you meet some little Hitler of an official at either side of the border.

When crossing back from Laos on two separate occasions my number plate had gone walkabout..
Went through the Lao and Thai sides and no one even came out and looked at the bike let alone notice the number plate missing.
They really only care about having the paper work in order most cases. (You have the Police report, that will surely help)

When you leave Poipet.. just before you go to cross over you have to do the passport formalities to the right.
You park your bike just in the centre of the road with the incoming and outgoing traffic. Where some officials monitor the outgoing traffic and raise the gate.. more traffic flow control
(They asked us if we wanted them to do the passport formalities, we politely declined.. Just as well as you get your photo taken and finger prints)

They look but don't really care about your bike.. Cambo, no bike paper work what so ever.

When you enter in to Thailand.. you park your bike just before the customs area.

Visa formalities to the left up some stairs. (They decided to process our visa at the customs area in the end)

It is such a busy crossing.. No one looked at any of the bikes.. just take the paper work.
We had issues as the other Thai crossing didn't give us conveyance forms.. but all worked out and friendly in the end after initially being annoyed.


In summary..
You should be fine.. but of course, you can always meet an uncooperative official having a bad day.



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Jan 16, 2003
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Oct 6, 2006
David's suggestion of getting a copy plate is the way to go!

Four years ago I had my bike stolen from the hotel lobby, by a drug addled farang, in Sihanoukville.
Due to friends in Sihanoukville helping, I recovered the bike. Missing was the Thai license plate, insurance tags and
it had a broken key lock on the gas cap.
I had no problem returning into Thailand (at Ban Hat Lek), only needing the greenbook and my copy of the
Im/Ex document. Thai Customs was unconcerned about the missing plate, nor were they interested in seeing
my copy of the Cambodian police report. Cambodian customs has never looked at my bike when leaving the country.
Back in Thailand I rode around without the plate for nearly a week and was never stopped or questioned.
I later obtained a new plate at the ChonBuri Licensing Bureau. The new plate had different numbers so they
also issue a new greenbook. Cost was minimal...maybe 200-Bt