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  1. I know this question is asked often and written about often. But it seems the facts keep changing. I am planning a trip into cambodia in Nov.

    I own the bike I will be riding.
    Its registered to a freind in Thailand.
    Its a large 600cc bike with plates and a greenbook.
    I will be travelling alone without the friend.

    What is needed to cross? and get back? I store it in BKK.

    Thanks for any help....

  2. see your duplicate post the "Cambodia road conditions" forum
  3. Thank you. Is this link up to date? ... ssings.htm

    Im having trouble understanding several statements about the border crossing arrangements.Iit also sounds like crossing from Thailand to Laos at the friendship bridge is closed, but other crossings from Thai to Lao or permitted?

    Im panning a long trip throughout Thailand-Cambodia-Viet (if possible) - Laos - China, all with my motorcycle.... im not sure what the challenges are. According the this link you were kind enough to share it doesn't appear to be a big problem... except for Vietnam, and Laos only at the friendship bridge.
  4. Hi Eric

    Which border crossing are you taking? That also makes a difference. I have some experience with Poipet. If you take that on let me know.
  5. I was planning on riding from BKK to Hat Lek and crossing to Cambodia.... any ideas or feedback as to what may be needed to cross on a bike that is not mine?
  6. Eric...
    I have only entered Cambo via Hat Lek...and often..3-4x/year, so here's an simple step-by-step list of what I do...with a bike that's in my name. You will do the same _except_ you will additionally need the letter from the owner granting permission to use the bike.

    Re: 'letter' - hopefully someone on the board can specify exactly what the letter must bike make/model & license #, frame and engine #'s, contact info for owner, etc. ...and if it must be certified?.

    At Ban Hat Lek, Immigration bldg is on the right (ocean) side; customs is in the bldg on the other side of the road.
    1. go to the south end of the Immigration the only window that faces Cambo, on the (south?) side of the bldg. Give them your pport and bike's green book...ANd your letter from the owner. They will create the Temp export/import docs and give you a copy.
    2.Take the docs, pport & green book and walk to 'Departing Thailand' window at the other side of the the bldg. More paperwork to be signed for the bike and you'll get your pport stamped as exiting Thailand and give you the docs.
    3. Take all the paperwork, pport and green book across the street to the Customs bldg. Bike & your info entered into computer and you'll be given a copy of the Temp Import/Export doc. Don't lose it is needed and returned to Customs (where ever you re-enter Thailand) with the bike.
    4. Get on the bike and go the 200-yards to Cambo Immigration (Cham Yeam) and get your visa for Cambo. There is nothing needed for the bike, you only need the visa.

    FWIW...I don't know if you are on an 'OA' retirement visa, but if so you will need to have obtained an 're-entry visa' (1000-Bt) from you local Immigration office, before departing the country. If you fail to have an 're-entry visa' then your OA visa will be _cancelled_ upon return to Thailand and you'll allowed to re-enter with only tourist visa.
  7. I think there is a copy on the main site... or there used to be before it went all hi-tech :) ...

    Also PM LaudJohn who I think still lives in Sihanoukville. If he isn't active on here anymore, he uses the same username on the Khmere440 Web forum. ... file&u=150

  8. Thank you for the feedback...
  9. Eric
    "I own the bike, but it is registered to a friend" = at the border the bike belongs to your friend not you, as it is registered in their name.
    You need permission from the registered owner to export the bike.

    To get all the Customs / Immigration forms for the border in advance, you can now download a set here: ... _Documents
    Complete these in advance & it should be a lot easier at the border.

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