Thai Dealer - KTM Press Release

Aug 7, 2003
Hi Big and Tall,

I always thought KTM stood for " Kick Till Monday " .

You never said anything about the engine mods on your 525?? Cheers, hope to see you on a ride again.
Oct 12, 2005
Back in the states now Harry so I'll send you an email with questions regarding your GiantLoop bag order.

The KTM has a few things done to the motor (570 bigbore, High RPM Hotcams cam, lightened flywheel) but in hindsight I would not bother with them again. The mods were done because I was going to Supermotard it a lot with Lukes XR 650 and figured I needed all the motor I could get to try and keep Luke in site. In Thailand the offroading does not lend itself to really let the 525 stretch its legs. However the sand in Northern Cambodia enabled me to unleash the bike and get it on the main jet proper. Fun stuff.

Glad to see KTM coming to Thailand as their bikes fill niches that other manufacturers are ignoring and which a lot of riders find interesting. I rode the 690 and that motor pulled nice with just a little snatchiness off the bottom. None of the previous models LC-4 vibes at all, thankfully. My 525 would top out in dirt gearing at about 155 KPH and Frank and his 690 would then come roaring by. I reckon a 690 with motard and dirt rims would be a nice do it all bike for over here.

Harry I'll be back once ski season winds down and gagging for some riding, so if you're game let me know. Always up for a fun trip with friends.

Another KTM acronym if you remember Harri once we crossed the border into Pailin; K-eep T-owing M-an, and K-eep T-he M-echanic
Jun 21, 2006
690. wow!! fuel injected, 6 speed, slipper clutch, brembo brakes, i cant wait. get them here now!!!!
mow that would be the greatest all purpose bike for over here with 2 sets of wheels as justin said... get a move on guys!


Jun 28, 2007
Does anyone have any news//updates such as: did they already deliver a first one to any customer, is a service center already set up, do they already have spares and trained technicians, any address, any website ?? :? Again, a big mediaflash and then just quiet :evil: ........If you google you still got the Phuket website by this farang guy who doesn't find it necessary to update, answer emails or cancel the site and on the other hand no website by Kunka on the new KTM setup in Thailand. :x Also did Justin get no answer to the question above. :x Thanks for any reply.....Franz
Dec 27, 2007
At the display at the Bangkok Motorbike Show they said they were going to open a KTM showroom on Petchaburi Road, but I can't recall if they gave an opening date...
Maybe tomorrow I'll drive down that way and see if I can spot anything.
Happy Trails!
Dec 27, 2007
The showroom is open in Bangkok and they are selling bikes. I notice that the website (Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012) is down. Assume they'll get it back up soon?

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Is there a story here ?


Oct 31, 2009
Hi Tony,
Try this working web site for KTM :Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012

Very good display at the show and very helpful people,and as they say 'enjoyment straight out of the box'.