Thai Dunlops vs Japan Dunlops (on a 97 XR250)

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  1. I can order Japanese Dunlops or Thai Dunlops from the shop I use. He said he can get which ever model I choose made in Thailand or Japan. Obviously the Japanese ones are more expensive.

    Can anybody tell me what the difference would be? You would think that Dunlop would have the Thai division meet the same standards for the same model. I'd be surprised if they are rated at different km/lifetime on the same model Tire depending where its made. Are the Thai ones simplier just harder and don't grip the same, get dried out faster, etc?

    BTW; the tires I am considering were first the D605 and I am also thinking about the K850A (if its even available). I ride mostly on the roads and like to be able to lean it into the corners, but I do some offroading occasionally too. I am wondering if the D605 is too offroady? Anybody familiar with them? The K850A looks kind of knobby in the pics but sounds like its not recommended for any offroading at all.

    I am also considering just getting a set of supermoto wheels/tires and just throwing the knobbies on when i decide to do some offroading. So far I haven't been able to find any supermoto wheels in my tight budget though.
  2. Blake, I rode my Honda Degree 250 into the Phuket Kawasaki shop and asked them to fit same tyres as are on KLX 250. They are Dunlop 605. Don't know if they are from Japan, but assume they are Thai as KLx is built here.
    I found them surprisingly good on tar even in the wet.
    I got very used to rear brake slide turning around traffic islands on previous Trailmax tyres. When I fitted the 605's I nearly got high sided !!
    For the money I reckon they are a good all purpose tyre.
  3. I have used Both and in My opinion the Japanese Dunlop last a bit longer but I can't see any other Difference except Double the Price :shock: The Thai Dunlop Have incredible Grip on the Road for a Dual Purpose Tyre and have good feel when they start to slid on Tarseal, You can ask anyone who tried to Follow Kiwi John when He Road My KLX on the TJ & Simon Memorial Ride!!! No Problem there!!! Great Off Road as well, even in thick Mud they are as good as a knobbly in most conditions :wink: Save Your Money and get the Thai Dunlops :idea:
  4. My 'two cents'...
    Since it's miles of Thai tarmac before I could get to Cambo or Laos, my Suzuki 250 was fitted with Dunlop D604's.
    Great mileage, fine in the wet and none of the 'knobbie' rumble.
    But, not so great in deeper sand or mud!

    OTOH, as they've finally worn out, I replaced then and am now trying the D605's...
  5. Thanks for the info guys. So it doesn't sound like its worth the extra baht for the Japanese Dunlops. And I am glad to hear that the D605s grip the road pretty good. I kind of like the look of the aggressive 605 tire besides it will be usable offroad too which I like to get into on occassion.

    Anybody else have any feedback on the D605s and the difference between the same model tire from Japan vs Thailand?

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