Thai Gasohol Low Quality!

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  1. Seems Mitsubishi isn't to impressed with Thailand's Gasohol either! They have to Recall 8000 Cars because :
    "We suspect the fuel quality [of gasohol] used in Thailand will affect the parts, while the better fuel quality used in the two export countries means no such problem," said Nobuyuki Murahashi, president of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand).
    Full story can be read here:

    Of Course it means nothing to Us the Consumers! We will still be forced to Use it so the "Powers that Be" can Justify getting Rich from all their Palm Oil Plantations Ruining the Farmland, Food Supply and Environment!
  2. How does it work?
    Do PTT and Shell, Caltex etc all have their own refineries?

    If not, and they all buy from one or two refineries.. You can't even do your own quality assurance by selecting the servo with the best proven quality.

    Also, just wondering..

    Is it the poor quality gasohol or that unscrupulous retailers are mixing it to make it go further = higher profit margin?

  3. Who knows? T.I.T. If I am on a Ride I just use whatever everyone stops at, usually PTT as they have 7eleven. But when by mself or if I am going to leave the Bike sit for some time I try to use Caltex 95 with Techtron or Shell V-Power. I don't know if this is any better but anything that may help?
  4. I normally use 95 gasohol in my bikes but every time when I am forced to use 91 benzene I have the impression that the engine is actually running better, makes you wonder...
  5. I use 91 Benzene mostly in my 650 Kawasaki.
    I to mostly use PTT when I travel because of seven 11 and Amazon Coffee places.
    I always monitor my fuel and every time I uses Caltex 91 benzene my bike runs better and I get better fuel consumption so for me Caltex seems to be there best even though I don't get many opportunities to use it but every time I can use it I prefer it.
    I only use 91 gasohol when I have to and I find my bike seems to run a little hotter and fuel consumption and power suffer a bit so am not a fan of 91 Gasohol.
    I will use 95 gasohol if I need to but again I do not think its great but my bike does run much better on this than gasohol 91 and my fuel consumption is better also.
  6. I really don't notice any difference except the price when you have to pay with Benzine or 95 in the Ninja..
    Have not put 95 in the Versys yet.

    Try to use PTT as they just look better maintained in most cases.. even in the middle of no where..

    Plus they have good facilities for a quick break.

    Google is your friend. List of refineries in Thailand ;-)

    Thai Oil Refinery (Thai Oil Company of PTT), 220,000 bbl/d (35,000 m3/d)
    IRPC Refinery (IRPC PLC of PTT), 215,000 bbl/d (34,200 m3/d)
    Rayong Refinery (Rayong Refinery PLC of PTT), 145,000 bbl/d (23,100 m3/d)
    SPRC Refinery (Star Petroleum Refining Company of PTT), 150,000 bbl/d (24,000 m3/d)
    Bangchak Refinery (Bangchak Petroleum of PTT), 120,000 bbl/d (19,000 m3/d)
    Sri Racha Refinery (ExxonMobil), 170,000 bbl/d (27,000 m3/d)
    Rayong Purifier Refinery (Rayong Purifier Company), 17,000 bbl/d (2,700 m3/d)

    All but two are PTT. Looks like only Exxon as the sole foreign player.
    Which is not a surprise considering how Thailand is so protective of local industry and foreign ownership.

  7. I fill Gasohol 91 and 95 into both my Focus and into the FJR only from time to time when I expect them to sit in my parking lot do I fill 91 Tamadah. Haven't had any problems yet for nearly 5 years. Different with the Nouvo which likes only 91 Tamadah and of course the 17 year old DR which I also treat with the same 91 regular petrol. I noticed when cleaning carbs, filters and tanks that sometimes when I fill up at a not so neat pump, the quality of the petrol varies considerably, had also sometimes problems with Gasohol on previous older bikes.
    As Brian mentioned below, I prefer PTT for its clean appearance and the similar quality at each and every outlet, it also lets one assume that NO 'out of contract' blending by some scrupellous license holders at pumps does take place. The cleanliness and neatness of these pumps also indicate permanent control by PTT. Another good experience is always with Caltex and Shell, Bangchak is also not bad. Myself I never fill up at Esso as their pumps are in a constant state of neglect and dirty. Same with the cheapies PT, Cosmo and Pure. Only in emergencies will I use these ones.........just assuming that all the gunk that gathered in my carbs came from the latter brands mentioned.
    Only my 5 cents of opinion.......cheers, Franz
  8. Yep, I agree mate. Caltex Techron 91 is the fuel I’ve found to be the best for my bike as well.
  9. I'm not following on your message; better fuel consumption sounds like it uses more fuel. I've never noticed any change in fuel efficiency in different grades of fuel. I do notice power improvements when stop using gasohol- going back to benzene...
  10. My Valkyrie F6 and it’s 6 carburettors don’t like the gasohol at all.
    Less power, higher rpm to maintain speed, more heat, and less milage to a tank.
    With the PTT 95 benzine, it’s happy as a clam.:D
  11. I would like to know if it is really E10 (10% ethanol) or greater than 10%. Also if there is any other alcohol or even methanol in the fuel
    I suspect that for various reasons this is the case

    See my earlier post on how my Harley tank coating was eaten by Thai 95 gasohol in spite of HD assurance that E-10 is fine.
    Ricco had a tough time stripping the stock HD coating off using a phosphoric acid bath for 5 days so Thai fuel must be very special to strip the lining.
    It is now re-coated with "alcohol resistant" Kreem but no more gasohol for me in the HD, and I will be rejetting the carb back to petrol

    The Versys does not seem fussy about fuel and I run gasohol 91, and have the PC-V programmed for it
  12. Thank was a clearly understood reply, thanks. I'd hate to have 6 carbs with the price of fuel these days!
    Now i'm remembering my older motorcycle with carbs never ran good in America with the low grade garbage fuel, quite the contrary before gasohol, it ran great with the standard 91 here in Thailand.
    Now I have fuel injected engine, so it doesn't seem to matter, other than more difficult to start with the gasohol...
  13. I have always used Gasohol in the scooters (PCX and Forza) as to all intents and purposes the Honda places say that is what you use. The Forza handbook does warn that greater than 10% alcohol may lead to paint and fuel tank damage which makes me wonder how long it took on your Harley for the tank coating to be compromised Hoghead? As for performance, well how would you know?
    Never used Gasohol in the Harleys when I had them just because Richy said not to.

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