Thai Insurance For Malaysian Registered Bikes

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    Ok guys, just a quick note for those who have Malaysian registered bikes entering Thailand. The cheap insurance that you buy at places like Changlun etc is WORTHLESS. This covers ONLY 3rd party personal injury..i:e pedestrians or the occupants of vehicles. It DOES NOT cover vehicle damage or any of the other associated cost (loss of income etc).

    Thai insurance companies no longer provide full 3rd party for Malaysian bikes. You MUST add Thailand into your local Malaysian insurance policy. This is best done at the time of renewal or its a giant pain in the arse and will only cover a stipulated period. Compnaies like Kurnia and Etiqa provide this service. It has mimimal cost of circa RM70-90 per annum. This will save you a fortune should you be involved in an accident where a vehicle is damaged.

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