Thai Road Map on Map Source????

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  1. I got a Garmin 76CSX GPS and have been recording offroad tracks for dirt biking up North. I would really like to plan out routes and add way points through "MAPSOURCE", though I hear you can't put a road map "THAILAND" on mapsource..... Is there any other type of Mapsource that works with Garmin GPS and has a Thailand map? Or maybe a "Garmin" Thailand map....???

    It amazes me it's this difficult, can anyone help?
  2. HI there

    Firstly I faced the same problem and I can assure you that it can be done as I have now done it. The process is a bit involved however and you may get some help from others better able to explain than me. It does involve some further software and a couple of extra processes.

    I will have a poke around in my archives and see if i can find the instructions I worked from

  3. I've got the Garmin 60GPS Cx & this is relevant to my interests too for the trip next year
  4. tried hard to do it myself and not being a techie I really struggled.

    There are a couple of files to download and use, both of which are mentioned in the below text. Also some searching will find the locations of these files. If you get stuck I have them available and can send to you.

    Because I was stuck I contacted the creator of the software who sent me the following instructions.

    I wouldn't expect any problems with attaching map to Mapsource. I don't know, what went wrong, but most probably my GMapTool is missing a good manual. The simple instruction to attach a map is like that:
    - Download GMapTool and cGPSmapper Free. Unpack both programs into convinient directory.
    - Run GMapTool, this is GUI version of program. Go to tab "Options" and set option for cGPSmapper, you need to input full path and file name of cgpsmapper.
    - Go to tab "Files", press "Add file" and input img file with your map.
    - Go to tab "Split", input output directory for map for Mapsource. This should be empty directory, you can create a new one. Choose "Create files for Mapsource" and check "Compile preview map" box. You can add Mapset name but it is not necessary. Now press "Split all". GMapTool will create files for Mapsource.
    - With Windows Explorer or other file manager go to output directory, you will find there file install.bat. Run this bat (click on it), it will install registry keys for Mapsource. Now Mapsource should see you map.

    That's all. Remember that map attached with GMapTool will be missing address search and preview map will be very simple, consisting of only simple rectangles for each detailed map.

    I used this less than a month ago to load Thailand map onto Mapsource prior to my forthcoming visit later this month. It works just fine. I'll happy to help where I ca but please remember it will be the blind leading the blind.

    One important thing to remember is that you want only one mapset on Mapsource if at all possible. I have New Zealand maps and also installed Thailand maps onto the same Mapsource. It worked fine for a bit and I was able to switch between maps but then it started to go a bit crazy. I now have mapsource on two different laptops and one is for Thai whilst the other one is fo New zealand. Works like a dream now
  5. A bit of bad information here. Multiple map sets should not be a problem. Most of us, that I know of, have a number of maps. I have 10 separate mapsets on mine, including New Zealand
  6. Only reporting my own experience, with my own solution. Hardly bad information.
  7. Only reporting my own experience, with my own solution. Hardly bad information.
    Touchy Tony. :wtf: OK, I'll try again. Although Tony's experience is that loading more than one map set may cause difficulties, this should not be the case. Having installed maps for others on their computers, and having 10 maps on my own computer, the MapSource program IS DESIGNED to handle multiple mapsets. If one has a problem, I would check the registry files and see if they are corrupt and my need to be reinstalled.
  8. That's much better Dave, well done :clap:

    I imagine that Mapsource was created for genuine software and was not designed for cracked files.I suspect therefore that problems can occur when cracked files and third party installation software is utilised and somewhere along the way minor corruptions can manifest into larger issues. If it works then that is wonderful, mine worked for a while. Others I know of have reported similar issues and have faced problems, with others multi maps work just fine. Down to each individual to manage the risk. There is also the element that many of us are not at all conversant with registry issues and fixing of technical problems. Pragmatically, risk reduction is my favoured position.

  9. Thanks for the info Tony. Computers are strange things at times. :crazy:
  10. Maybe should not add more to this but on one of my computers I have 17 maps installed and quite a few of these are third party maps (non-official Garmin maps or also known as home-made maps) as well as a few cracked maps without any problem.

    Only problem is that, in case you have maps with the same "Family ID (FID)" in different folders, things will go wrong. In addition, in case you have the map on a memory stick and install it from there, Mapsource won't work so always copy the map first first to a folder on the hard disk and leave it in the same place once the map is installed as otherwise the Windows Registry will not find the map.
  11. Thanks Auke, I was waiting for your input. You are truly the most knowledgeable on this topic.
  12. Fair points guys and I stand corrected


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