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  1. Volkov

    Volkov New Member

    Hey guys! Sorry if I duplicated some existed thread, but I didnt find any actual information about Thai-Cambo border crossing.

    We got Thai-registred and owned scooter Honda Click and would like to cross Cambodian border with it. Someone who got recent experience or knows something please share it with us! We just dont want to get turned back on border like we had on Laos – Cambodiaborder 3 weeks ago….

    Thanks in advance! Any information is much appreciated.
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  3. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Scooters might be an issue.
    May just need to try your luck.

    Big bikes no problem.

    No paper work on the cambo side.

    Thai side usual paperwork.

  4. Volkov

    Volkov New Member

    Up please!

    We dont want trying our luck :)
  5. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    There is an element of luck involved in taking any bike over the border.

    Although taking a big bike ( 250cc + ) is fine, there is always that guy who wants to measure your license plate sticker, some official that finds that someone has left out your middle name on a document translation, or you haven't got enough photocopies of your passport.

    Usually there is an easy fix ..

    In the past the Thai > Laos border has refused entry of bikes under 150cc; i think you found this out the other week. BrianBKK has told you, that you may have an issue getting your scooter into Cambodia, probably because he has heard of people running into problems in the past. He's probably heard reports of some guys without problems.

    You may get lucky, there may not be a problem, you may have to pay a little tea money or you may get turned away.

    If your not prepared for the latter, don't go. Try asking on ThaiVisa, maybe someone has been successful and can advise you.
  6. phuketrichard

    phuketrichard Ol'Timer

    quite easy but only use the crossing at Osmach ( south of Surin) and Koh KOng ( East of Trat)

    Make sure bike in in your name and u need to book to exit Thailand

    Be advised light on during the day will result in you being stopped and fined

    lights off at night.... no problem  LOL

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