Thailand customs taxes

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  1. I know this costly exercise has been belted around on other topics.
    However I have just done the sums on importing Aussie Red wine into Thailand. I can get 5000 litres at $2A a litre. A $10,000 investment turns into $50,000A once released into Thailand.
    The reason I am putting this info on the GT-Rider site is because the wine only takes up 2/3rds of a container I was going to bring my Triumph Speed Triple over as personal luggage. This little exercise was going to cost me $12,000A in import duties on a second hand bike worth $6000A (WHOLESALE).
    Looks like I may bring her up on a Carnet worth about $800A.

  2. Fully built up bikes are never imported into Thailand for this very reason,they all come as kits or as spares , even the main dealer stuff.
  3. Since I'm a n00b here,the cost to import a Y2K BMW GS would be prohibitive,if I'm reading this right?
  4. The answer LTGTR is probably to a factor of 90% unless u have the right connections and advice.

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