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  1. Hi,

    I've just got in to Pattaya, Thailand from Cambodia, Koh Kong on my own Motorcycle and have a few questions.

    Firstly, Do I need road tax in Thailand as I'm staying here for 1 month touring. I tried to get a disc but was told it was Impossible as It's not a Thai bike it's Cambodian registered, but then again I don't know if he understood me and I don't want to get knicked by the police for not having one so any help would be great. I do now have Thai Insurance with the sticker.

    Secondly I have a Simplified Import/Export Form, but do i have to take the bike out to Cambodia again or can I go to Loas or Malaysia using this as again I can't find any information about this (the customs guy didn't speak english at all) and I bought the bike to travel around not just stay in Cambodia. I might have to sell it again in Cambodia which I don't want to do as I love this machine if I can't rise around on it.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. JD
    Take a closer look at your Simplified Import / Export form. On the form there is a date showing how long your bike can be imported for. After this date it is supposed to go back out of the country (Thailand); but you can apply for an extension at your local Customs office, wherever that is. You can also just cross a border & come straight back in for another limited amount of time.
    The form should also stipulate a hefty fine for not complying with the rules, but I've never heard of this fine being applied & my guess is it would only happen if the bike was seized & you had to face legal charges. And this seldom seems to happen. What seems to happen in practice is that for overstay you pay a fine of 200 baht a day with a maximum of 2,000 baht? But after 6 months I think that "they" will attempt to seize the bike, hit you with the big fine & then you are in deep shyte. I think that there are a few threads on this issue elsewhere on the board, so you might want to do a search & check em out.

    Re "road tax", no you dont need it if you are on a temporary import. But you should have insurance, and as you already have it then you should be ok.

    How was the ride & trip so far - will you share any juicy details for the mob stuck at their computers & not able to ride at the moment?

    If you have not done so already, take a look at
    as you might find some of the info helpful.

    Keep The Power On
  3. Thanks for the Reply, I want to go to Laos and Malaysia on my Bike but thats what I dont know about if I can leave Thailand into another country or HAVE to go back to Cambodia and then into Laos it doesnt say on the customs form and I cant see it documented any place else.

    Lets see interesting stories....

    Im really new at riding, I have bought a Honda Baja 250CC 1997 only had it for two months. Before that my riding experence was almost none just the GT rider route with a bike from Tonys in Chaing Mai. Im not confident as I have no-one to teach me how to ride the technical stuff, Tony bless him had me riding up and down outside his shop for an hour whilst I taught myself to ride a 225 Serow.

    But in two months Ive covered 3000k in Cambodias wet season gone up mountains single handed, drove 1200k round trip just to swim in an inactive Volcano at Ban Lung Cambodia. Drove through 3 foot high red clay mud stuff, 60k of it from stung treng to ban lung, it baked onto my engine like ceramics it was really hard work getting it off. Came off twice that day thank god for ARMOUR didnt have bark bashers on so lost half my front brake leaver, didnt have a spare had to drive about 30k without a front brake leaver. Got the bike fixed up and drove around the NW of Cambodia.

    Hired a Jeep to take me and the bike back to stung treng as it rained for two days making the return journey a KILLER, and the jeep axel broke due to the stress of the journey. So I had to ride anyway which was really hard going through rutts folding clay mud and that ice like grip under the wheels making me crap my pants evey 100 yards or so.

    Riding from Phonm Phen to Koh Kong as I have fake Plates and Rego, was shockingly funny, driving up that moutain in the crap and mud, getting my bike onto small floating rafts getting chased by lorries intent to kill me, eventually got to kong and visited the Chicken Ranch WTF not so nice place to be. Kong is pretty cool though, it will be great when the roads finished.

    Left there and am now in Pattaya getting hassled by ladyboys I think Ive got the BIKE BUG quite badly, as theres a TwinAlpine on beach road and I want it. But the price is out of my range.

    Going to Chaing Mia and the islands so thought so I might write a bike report then. But I need to find out about Exiting Thailand into another country before I can do the interesting stuff like Laos.

    Warmest regards JD
  4. Hey Dredssta, your ride in combo sounded like a hoot!!
    So whats the story with the chicken ranch?
    did you take any pics, if not , start now,mabee some glam shots of your lady boy mates, hey friends are friends, and I'm not one to judge!! Save your Bart an buy a big Vtwinn, theres a lot to see in your part of the world,an I may want to ask you some questions on day for my next trip.
    Keep riding safe an hard....Scott
  5. You don't have to go back to Cambodia, you only have to leave Thailand.It is as Dave said , the import/export dates are on the form. A lot of the guys go out to Lao and back in to Cam thru the North no problems.You have to ask for a long import , I haven't heard of anyone getting more than 60 days.It is suppossed to be up to your visa.How long did they give you?
  6. Hi Harri

    Thats great news, Ive only got 30 days but this is my 3rd trip to Thailand this year so Ive pretty much done what I wanted to do here. I think I will go out through Malasia to Oz then come back up and finish in Laos where I will sell my bike.

    I cant travel for the next few days as Im half way through gettning a new tattoo its a half back one so I cant wear my body armour. But as soon as I can I will go to the west coast as Ive not done that yet then follow the road down to the border.

    Thanks for the help guys, and I will start to take pictures from now on.

    Cheers JD
  7. JD
    Hope you have a good time riding for the rest of your trip.
    I'm glad the GT Rider board board has been a help to you.
    Re crossing borders & bike import permits I think you just need to pay a bit more closer attention
    1. to your bike import permit
    2. The main GT Rider site
    3. This board
    as all the info is there.
    Now we hope to see more reports from you if you're riding & having a good time. And you dont necessarily need to include photos to share info & tips.

    Keep The Power On

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