Feb 28, 2007
Hi Folks, Just wanted to say thanks for hosting the GT Riders / Horizons Unlimited mtg in Chiang Mai back in Jan. Carolyn and I feel very fortunate that the mtg came about during our time there. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and look for us back in Thailand. We enjoyed our stay with Jan Marc in Hang Dong and the trip we took the day after the mtg. We rented an XR250 from Mr Mechanic and head out and spent first night in Pai. Enjoyed it so much we spent a second night. The hot springs were just too hot and beer just too cold not to have spent a second night there. Pai was very enjoyable, just hope the tourist don't take over the place. We then took 1095 around to Mae Hong Son and spent a night S. of there at a resort on the river. Late that afternoon we took a boat to a Long Neck village and really enjoyed both the village and it's people as well and the boat trip. The next day was probally the most challenging taking the dirt roads two up on the two-fiddy cc XR. But it was the most enjoyable for us. We made all the climbs w/o Carolyn ever having to get off and push, much to her relief. And I am amazed that the brakes didn't over heat and boil the fluid on the downhills. Afer getting to Wat Chan we made good time heading back towards Chaing Mai and Hang Dong but we were ready to call it a day at Samoeng and checked in at a guest house there, showered up, got grub, and bed down for one the the best night's sleep. Then an easy day back to Jan Marc's casa. Again thanks for all the hospitality and if you ever find yourself in Western North Carolina, then please look us up. Thanks for sharing, but don't tell too many what a secret ya'll got there. We will be back!! Lee and Carolyn Allison, Bryson City NC.

Hi Lee,

Remember you guys from the HU and it was great to meet you both. Glad you enjoyed N.Thailand and yep, we should try to keep it a bit of a secret eh! [;)]

Have met Jan Marc a couple of times and nice guy - although I always seem to drop my bike in his presence [:eek:]. Also met Christophe & Gaspipe a few months back briefly and both seemed to enjoy riding here. So, be sure to post again if you plan to visit and enjoy life back in the U.S.


Oct 12, 2005

Great to read about your ride. Good on ya for completing it two up on the wheezing XR. They barely have enough poke for one let alone two. I'm also sure its a lot more tiring trying that section from MHS to Wat Chan two up. Glad you had a fun time with Jan Marc[:)]. I am meeting up with him tomorrow night for dinner in Los Angeles to chat about things and have some laughs before I fly back to Thailand.