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  1. RichardG

    RichardG Member

    Hi Guys

    I would just like to thank all at GT Riders for your warm welcome and advice in helping my Dad out to make my recent biking GT trip possible.

    It was especially good to finally meet David FL, who I know was responsible for ensuring that my Dad did not make such a muddle of taking me down the Mekong last year.
    This year he [FL] very kindly vetted Khun Nop my enduro instructor.

    I now see why they say almost anything in Thailand is possible.
    To spend three days over Songkhran learning to ride a scooter then a 250XR and rack up 200+ kms [mostly off-road] was awesome and something that could never be done back home in UK. It just makes me want to come back out and ride more.
    Though why my Dad chose the hottest time of the year to do it, I am still not sure.

    Khun Nop was really amazing riding the “wall of death” at Huai Tung Thao lake on a scooter with bald tyres.
    Here he is taking to the air
    Teaching me on the ratscoot
    Within an hour or so of riding the scooter he had me riding the XR 250 around the training ground.

    Tho I didn’t find “air” until the second day
    and only after a long loop following dirt tracks beside canals and then a skills training session in some dry rice paddies.

    It was quite a shock to be bombing down a dusty track only to turn as corner and be met by two little kids and a bucket of ICY water!

    On the third day we went up the dirt track to Doi Suthep.

    This was great hair-raising fun, especially the very steep sections - I didn’t think I would make it up to the top as the deep ruts sometimes didn’t give you much of an option, barely inches from the edge. Terrifying but incredibly exhilarating at the same time.

    But Nop had taken all the indicators and headlight off the XR making it cheaper to crash.
    Apparently, I still bent the handlebars and broke both brake & clutch levers – 500bht – cheers Dad!

    If anyone is thinking they want/need enduro training I cannot rate Khun Nop highly enough. He is a really good & thorough. He is currently teaching suzukiluke's sisters [see below]. He can be contacted on 084 618 4290.

    As a break and a change of pace I even got to meet a “real Chiang Mai celebrity" – TiTS Radio DJ Betty.
    Her style is brilliant and unique – when sober!

    After three days biking, we spent the morning at Ian Rauner’s [fellow Kiwi]great X-Centre, near Mae Rim.
    Here we took the 250cc Chinese-made buggies around a part road part mountainous dirt track – where we got mercilessly soaked wherever a corner & houses coincided.
    Driving second in the group I noticed that the guide managed to avoid getting wet, by telling the bucket-chuckers to go for the farangs.
    Even when it rained heavily we weren’t spared their icy torrents.

    Nop & I were "baptised" on our way to the Moat.

    As a way to avenge these dousings I joined Chiang Mai’s fun loving best travel agent, Ms Boong of BTS Travel,
    We joined her in the back of her Toyota tank with two bins of icy water and group of fellow bucket-chuckers travelling the inner moat road, where we did battle against similarly armed pick-ups.
    Some interesting sights along the way were to be seen.
    No one was immune - however cute!
    Even suzukiluke’s sisters joined us.

    A great time, and a memorable ending to my time in Chiang Mai.

    Cheers David, Silverhawk, Khun Thim, RobertH [ps good luck on the China trip], Pikey, Luke, Justin & Ian.

    See you all again soon I hope.

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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Great Write Up Richard!!!
    Songkran looked Good, Where were the Girls in White Playing, I would like to Reserve a Place there for Next Year!!! It was Obvious your Dad gave you a Memoriable Holiday so hope to see you back here for your Next one and i will come out for a Ride with you Guys.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. ho

    ho New Member

    What a load of fun Richard. I'm surprised the old man loosens up that much. However he should have let you use the Beamer for the training sessions. I would have.

    Uncle Ho
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent little report mate. Now you know why your dad hangs out in North Thailand with the GT Riders as much as possible - unlimited fun, easy & "safe." I bet your school mates, (but not Mum) will be impressed.
    I look forward to seeing you back here again & maybe going for a ride next time.
  6. mja34

    mja34 Ol'Timer

    Well, Richard you have just made me deeply jealous - I missed all the waterworks this year,you certainly have one cool dad.I hope to meet you next time I'm out there.If you need a bike fix back in UK - your dad has all my details. Welcome to the bikers club!
  7. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    great stuff richard!!! looked awesome fun nop is a bit of a character isnt he?!! did he tech you his " technicals "?
    did you get the number for the radio hostess more importantly, if so keep it well hidden from your old man! but i dont mind keeping the number safe for you if you want..
    are you back in the uk now or still in bkk?
  8. RichardG

    RichardG Member

    Thanks guys for the comments.
    Back at school now - so can only dream about biking again.
    Laws here are very different!
    But hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back.
  9. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Just spoken to Richard, who is now having to focu on more academic subjects!
    Sadly he is now back at school.
    He passes on his thanks to all who've commented and says to Uncle Ho that this is the abbreviated field trip report.
    I gather something about dining out with 3 girls w/o Dad seems to have been missed out.
    Luke you will have to ask Ms Boong for Betty's number - as she won't give it to me!
    However, if you call the station when she's "broadcasting", and, if she's not nursing a hangover or watching DVDs [if you ever wondered why there were 5 back-to-back songs without any commentary, you now know why] with her engineer, you should get through to her.
    She's sure to give you a sticker - at the very least!
    Remember their their slogan: "All TiTs; all the time".
    This may require further investigation.
  10. m1ke

    m1ke New Member

    Wow, Richard, what good fun. Thanks for taking us along with all the great pics.

  11. Big Boss Boong

    Big Boss Boong New Member

    Hi Richard,
    It was really nice meeting you when you came up to Chiang Mai.
    I believe you forgot to mention in your report about having dinner
    with just four of us girls!
    We enjoyed hanging out with YOU!!
    Look forward to seeing you when you are next back in the Land of Smiles.


  12. madjbs

    madjbs Ol'Timer

    Hey I I don't believe this. I remember seeing you that day you were practicing at Huai Tung Thao. I was just driving past and watched you driving over the same bump over and over again :D . I was driving up and down the little road teaching my girlfriend how to drive a bike.
    What a coincidence! I was actually thinking about you riding there the other day, I have no idea why it stuck in my mind :lol:

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