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  1. The BBQ and GT riders meet up at the EXTREME centre on saturday was a success thanks to Mr Ian Bungy , it was great to put some faces to the names of other members ,,,,especially David ....our esteemed he an extra in Lord of the rings????

    Jerry the Monsterman
  2. Yes Sir The Bungy & Mrs Bungy did very well for us as usual.
    Thanks Ian & Long.
  3. Sorry I didn't get to meet you all on the day itself, I was busy sending family back to Singapore and Bangkok that afternoon as part of my move to Chaing Mai. I did meet Ian a few days later, and what a nice geyser he is, as well as Pico-Pico. Hope to meet a few more of you over the Christmas period although I am back in Bangkok now, the wheels will be rolling North again Wednesday, "The Pub" Christmas day!
  4. I finally got My Computer up and Running again so thanks for the Compliments :wink: I will pass them on to Long. Just to add here are some more photos taken during the Bike Week Barbecue!









    Great Day and hope it becomes a Regular Event!!! 8)
  5. Ian

    Where was this chick,, and why she did not come with the bike when i left...

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