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  1. mahili

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    Ref charging problems Honda Shadow 1100. I put a post on this site a couple of weeks ago telling of my sorry plight, broken down to the West of Bangkok. David Unkovich replied and suggested I might try “Yutâ€
  2. Noel Akers

    Noel Akers Ol'Timer

    Great to hear all is well with the Shadow and that Yut could sort out the problems. Its really good to see how effective this GT site works for riders in emergency breakdown situations.
    Hope it generates more goodwill and work for Yut who is obviously very competent.
  3. Marco

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    I can also sayRecomend Khun Yut as he did exeptional job for my Beemer yr or so go.
  4. Azoulay

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    Hi Marco,

    I heard also good things about him and his capability with Ducatis. I already visited his shop/workshop while ago and was very well welcomed.

    Could you confirm about BMW ?

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