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  1. I saw in a motorbike shop in Chiangmai. The boys build theire own bike. I think on the first trip the problem coming soon.






    Near death Kawasaki Z 1000 Thailand

  2. Hell the Welding looks a bit Dodgy!!!
  3. That's a nice dodge at +220kph!

    No car or truck in this country or any other expects to have a bike coming up on them that fast...

  4. Yep, a few inches to the right and he would have been doing 100 meters of freestyle gymnastics through the air. BTW, do all Z1000 sound like that at speed or does he have some cheap Chinese aftermarket pipe on there? Man, that thing sounded like shit.
  5. Thats a quite precise description for the noise, I don't want to call it sound.
    Most probably the lifespan of driver is less than the the service intervalls of the bike.
  6. I believe that video was taken with a GoPro in the waterproof housing mounted on the tank- I haven't heard any bikes sound decent when recorded in that manner.
  7. That must be it then. I cant imagine any non-deaf human riding that bike. 2 minutes was enough for me.

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