The All New Ducati Scrambler just revealed at Cologne INTERMOT!

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  1. Yes the Urban Enduro is the One for Me also Craig.The only thing I worry about is No Luggage Space? It would look Weird if You stuck a Rack on it? I am still not sure on the Looks, A bit Funky for Me but still Nice? Now How much in Thailand and when will they be avalible?
  2. I would imagine aftermarket racks will become available. My Kriega bags should tie on to the passenger grab handles OK, but sacrificing some of the rear seat.

    I've read (unofficially) this model will sell for 369K and be available Q1 next year (US), but a guy on Advrider has put a deposit down on a bike and was told May by the dealer.

    Until yesterday I always considered myself as a riding/travelling enthusiast and not a bike enthusiast... but that was until I saw the DS. Now I think I better understand you guys who have passion for the bike and not just the riding.

    I just want to sit on the UE and go riding with a big smile on my face! :)
  3. and good news it also has steel tank so no gasohol problems with swelling and magnetic tanks bags will work ,, i will really seriously consider this bike as a future purchase once i have tried one out ,, they actually perform off road according to the test riders ,
  4. I received an SMS yesterday from Ducati Thailand of a 'showcase' at Central Lard Praow, 4-7 of this month. New Diavel and Monster SR2 mentioned in the message but no Scrambler. Talk at ADVRIDER is that it will be at shows in the US later this month.


    Looks great in pics. Would love to see it in the flesh soon too.
  5. Really sweet looking bikes, all of them! And i love this "trend" of going back to basics. No ride by wire or fancy riding modes etc, just motorcycle!
    Looking forward to the reviews.

    And according to Cycleworld They're going to be built in Bologna, Brazil AND Thailand :)
  6. Yes also built here. I've read US riders asking how can they get hold of Italian built rather than Thai built :roll:

    Last video I saw stated that test bikes, available for riding, should be with the media in December. Bikes with dealers in March.
  7. What a lovely bike, shame just that it hasn't any storage facility on the back, people don't go into the sticks with just a small rucksack me thinks.........but as we know the igenuity of some Thai's, soon there will be some racks available for next to nothing..........cheers, Franz
  8. Something like this?

  9. If these things sell nearly as well as i have a feeling they will I'm sure there's going to be tons of quality aftermarket parts, including luggage. Like the one in the pic above for instance, which could be very useful for ehr.. scuba-riding?

    Is there any word as to how the engine is detuned from the Monster 796?
  10. Yes Franz that was My comment as well. No Luggage Rack or Rear Sub Frame to mount off by the looks? This would be My Choice, The Urban Enduro:

  11. This video (in Italian) takes a peek into the offices of the Scrambler team. Ducati are marketing a complete lifestyle concept around this bike and I'm sure luggage options will be built into that. I do hope though that the options allow the use of your own luggage fitted onto some kind of frame and not fitted for just 'Scrambler Bags'.

    At 2:38 in the video you see the instrument clock lit, the first time I've seen this in any of the many videos on this bike.
  12. To answer my own question about the detuned M796 engine, here's some info from another forum i found. Just in case anyone else was interested.

    "To ensure smooth integration with the compact steel teardrop tank, the Desmodue engine on the Scrambler features a single Ø 50 mm throttle body with two sub-butterfly injectors: this solution ensures fluid power delivery and accurate control of the fuel being aspirated into the cylinders.

    Pistons and crankshaft are the same as those on the Monster 796 and Hypermotard 796 power units, while the camshafts have been designed to ensure linear power delivery thanks to the adoption of an 11° valve overlap angle. The 2-in-1 exhaust with aluminium silencer has been specially designed for the Scrambler. It features an aluminium heat plate for improved rider protection and is EURO 3 compliant."
  13. Double post deleted.
  14. Being technically inept, you're going to have to help me here. Is that good or bad? Or of no real consequence?

    Hope there's a convenient way of turning ABS off otherwise taking the 'Scrambler' off-road will be tricky. Haven't read any details about this anywhere.
  15. Well, my interest was in how they've gone about to lower the peak output from 87hp. of the M796 to 75hp. on the Scrambler. Was it done simply by changing engine management electronics, mechanically or both.. It doesn't say anything about a new ecu (engine control unit), but it would make sense that its different from the Monster. Other than that i wouldn't be able to determine if its good or bad, good hopefully! I'm more interested engine characteristics than peak power any day!
  16. From the Scrambler Ducati FB page.


    One of my Kriega US20's or even my US30 may fit on the tank. With the Kriega 30L backpack that's 50-60L of fully waterproof luggage.
  17. Craig, that sure looks like a toy bike or is this guy soooo tall ?? Seems to me that his scrambler was never meant to accomodate a pillion at all.
    Ian, yes I've read your comment and agree totally. DaRider yes, I think it will take no time at all to get something handy here locally to fit onto the back.
    As I'm no friend of all these bags and sidebags I would sure look for ways to mount some hard cases onto that bike, ok, looks would not be improved I know............;)
  18. I agree, it's small and the seat height is very low; Thai couples will fit great on it!

    I like the concept, the looks, the way it makes me just want to jump on it and ride off somewhere... But alas we live in the real world (sigh)

    Here's a photo taken in Florida of a guy 190cm tall sitting on the bike. Make your own mind up...

  19. I was so sold on this bike i could almost taste it (i know that last bit doesn't make much sence, but that's how bad it was).

    Now seeing the photo of that fellow (same hight as me) sitting on it i know it probably is a absolute blast around town or for weekend "picnic", but for touring, very doubtful… Maybe they'll come out with a extra tall version… (hope is the last emotion to leave a human…:)).
  20. You may still be able to buy a 'Scrambler' branded T-shirt in your size :p


    I'm 180cm so still hoping!
  21. Hmm, if they can sell you clothing in your size perhaps you can demand that they'll provide you with a bike your size too? Or maybe not…

    Anyway still looking forward to the reviews, when is it they'll be available to the press for testing?
  22. December I've heard, but really I need to give up on this bike and move on... It's too short, really.

    To give some comparison: I just walked past a shop selling the Honda MSX, you know the crazy little bikes the teenagers ride. The seat height on those is 754mm, the Scrambler is 790mm :crazy:
  23. Yes me too I was ready to jump right in and buy one
    Still undecided but not as sure as I previously was
    It might be a comfortable bike even though the ride height is low
    I think reviews will take a big part of my decision making and I am going to the Birmingham bike show next month to look at them
    I will try and get a pic of me on it I am 5 ft 11

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